a confused cat with the flu asks her human for assistance!

We humans and cats share a lot of characteristics. One of them must be experiencing hiccups and knows what is causing them. An adorable cat in this video is experiencing hiccups and appears to be pretty perplexed about it.

When it comes to our feline friends, hiccups tend to happen a lot more frequently when they are kittens. However, adult cats can also experience them. They are typically brought on by eating too much or too quickly. They might swallow a significant amount of air along with their food when they do this. Of course, this causes the diaphragm to spasm.

A beautiful cat in the upcoming video clip just couldn’t quit hiccuping.

She was frantically attempting to answer to her person at the same time, and it certainly looks beautiful. Hopefully she was able to get rid of the hiccups before long and realised what was really going on.

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