Arthur the Cat, Providing Affection and Support to Emergency Room Patients in London

A very fluffy cat in London seems to have found his purr-pose in life!

This is the story of Arthur the cat who, for the record, isn’t a slapdash cat at all. He formerly has his loving ever home!
That being said, what he chooses to do in his spare “ out-of-door time ” is one of the most remarkable effects you’ll ever read about!

He simply “ shows up ” at a original sanitarium there and spends time with the cases as they’re staying to be seen by their docters.
One day in the exigency room at the Whipps Cross Hospital, the cat showed and attached himself to a couple for hours as they awaited their for medical backing.

“ We set up out latterly that the cat’s name is Arthur, although Sophie, my fiancé named him Mr Fuzzy whilst we were there, ” reddit stoner DrKrepz told Love Meow, who were the first to break this story.
“ The cat was healthy, veritably easily well fed and clean. He was so amenable and just wanted cuddles and I was further than happy to oblige. All the other cases were further than happy to have him there too, ” Sophie Ricman said.

Arthur ended up napping on Sophie’s stage for nearly the entire time she was there.
“ I was happy to stay around while I had the kitty keeping me company, ” Sophie told Love Meow.

Turns out, this squeeze
of a cat has numerous musketeers at this particular sanitarium and has spend time with numerous of the cases who have been through its doors.
Angels truly are among us. This particular angel has four legs, a tail and is relatively ethereal!

print credits Sophie Richman

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