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Family Sheree Ghaffar Sad, Lost Shitzu Teddy… Help them to find


Family Sheree Ghaffar Sad, Lost Shitzu Teddy… Help them to find

Description: Teddy is a small dog. He don’t know how to go upstairs nor come downstairs. Teddy is amazing with children he do not bite. Teddy is scared of Lloyd noise. He is scared of thunder & lightning . Please help me.
Dog size, Small (5- 10 kg)   Breed, Shu tzu  Gender of animal, Male  Health status, Healthy  Microchipped, Yes
Date Lost: SEP 21, 2022
Phone number: 9178868664
Country: United States
State/Region/Province: New York
City: Queens


Arthur the Cat, Providing Affection and Support to Emergency Room Patients in London

A very fluffy cat in London seems to have found his purr-pose in life!

This is the story of Arthur the cat who, for the record, isn’t a slapdash cat at all. He formerly has his loving ever home!
That being said, what he chooses to do in his spare “ out-of-door time ” is one of the most remarkable effects you’ll ever read about!

He simply “ shows up ” at a original sanitarium there and spends time with the cases as they’re staying to be seen by their docters.
One day in the exigency room at the Whipps Cross Hospital, the cat showed and attached himself to a couple for hours as they awaited their for medical backing.

“ We set up out latterly that the cat’s name is Arthur, although Sophie, my fiancé named him Mr Fuzzy whilst we were there, ” reddit stoner DrKrepz told Love Meow, who were the first to break this story.
“ The cat was healthy, veritably easily well fed and clean. He was so amenable and just wanted cuddles and I was further than happy to oblige. All the other cases were further than happy to have him there too, ” Sophie Ricman said.

Arthur ended up napping on Sophie’s stage for nearly the entire time she was there.
“ I was happy to stay around while I had the kitty keeping me company, ” Sophie told Love Meow.

Turns out, this squeeze
of a cat has numerous musketeers at this particular sanitarium and has spend time with numerous of the cases who have been through its doors.
Angels truly are among us. This particular angel has four legs, a tail and is relatively ethereal!

print credits Sophie Richman


Siberian Huskies Save Kitten’s Life and Now She Believes She Is A Husky

Doubtful friend frequently form under stressful circumstances. When Rosie the alley cat was saved from the thoroughfares at just three weeks old, she came the charge of a loving Siberian husky named Lilo and the bond they’ve formed is unbreakable between the brace.

Rosie the kitten, rescued at just three weeks old, was raised with the huskies and now thinks Lilo is her mother. Shhh, don’t tell Rosie she isn’t a Siberian husky. She will be devastated to hear that news. (Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)

Rosie the alley cat was saved at just three weeks old. She was abandoned, cold and hungry. Her lucky day came when she was saved and taken to live in a home beside three huge tykes .
Siberian huskies have a love- hate relationship with pussycats, some live harmoniously, some have an ingrain prey drive which they can not overcome. But this particular triad took to the indigent little Rosie and Lilo is particular decided to come a surrogate mama .

Rosie the alley cat, saved at just three weeks old, was raised with the huskies and now thinks Lilo is her mama . Shhh, do n’t tell Rosie she is n’t a Siberian husky. She’ll be devastated to hear that news.

( Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
“ Rosie climbed into Lilo’s heart as she burrowed into her thick fur, napped on her head and coiled up on her nib. The further indigent Rosie came, the further tolerant and loving Lilo came, which proved necessary in the atomic alley cat’s recovery “, says Love Meow.

Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Wannabe Siberian husky, Rosie the alley cat was saved and lives now among her husky saviors .

Now, since she was raised by huskies, Rosie completely believes she herself is a canine and is noway too far down from her stylish friend Lilo. They go far and wide together. They still play, nap, cuddle and indeed go on jaunts with their proprietor together.

While the huskies have taken to running alongside the bike, Rosie is nestled comfortably and safely in the handbasket. Although Rosie does love the two- afar diurnal walk with the huskies, matching pace is frequently a challenge for her bitsy little legs.

Photo Twitter/ Lilo the Husky) Out for a bike lift, Rosie gets to ride is the handbasket as the huskies run along side. Ca n’t leave Rosie at home, she’s a husky in her mind.

Their capers are all told on Lilo’s Twitter runner, with filmland that show Rosie and the huskies from three weeks to now full grown.

When Rosie was little and separated during rumbustious
husky playtime, it was a kind of a pitiful point to see. Lilo and Rosie would sit against both sides of the door and howl and pine for each other.

“ The two of them are thick, they sleep together at night, and Rosie imitates everything Lilo does, including sneaking canine food when we ’re not looking, ” says mortal mammy, according to White Wolf Pack.
Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Rosie and Lilo during a shopping trip to their favorite pet shop. Rosie is n’t chancing the trip as relaxing as her stylish friend Lilo, that’s for sure.

What an inspiring “ tail ” of fellowship!
( Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Lilo the Siberian husky took over as mama to little three- week-old deliverance alley cat Rosie. The love and devotion Lilo showed Rosie saved the little alley cat’s life


18 Fluffy Friends Who Know How to Bring a Smile to Your Face

We live in a beautifully varied world, surrounded by tons of creatures, big and small. Some we like for their cuteness, and others because of their personalities, and this is what makes the world so very interesting to live in. Having pets or even looking at pictures of adorable animals can reduce levels of stress and make us happier people.

our team found some pictures of goofy animals that are up to some hilarious antics and poses and felt it might brighten your day as it did ours.

1. “A cat and some garlic”

2. “My lizard sleeps on her own little bed.”

3. “I lost my dog for a moment — not sure how long she’s been stuck there.”
4. “When you come back with water for your 4 new ducklings — sorry 5 new ducklings.”

5. “Summit.”

6. “Why does Noodle sit like this? So pleased with herself.”

7. “This squirrel got to the feeder in the middle of a window, 8 inches off the ground. Quite the acrobat!”

8. “In-corgi-nito, vacation style”

9. “This seamless circle of cats”

10. “Yesterday I posted a picture and a kind Redditor drew a picture of it.”

11. “Please say hello to my cat.”

12. “What is he thinking about?”

13. “She is still learning how to cat.”

14. “Looks like someone in the seat in front can smell the chips.”

15. “This flowerpot is so strange.”

16. “It’s like a magic trick.”

17. “Meet Charlie.”

18. “A 4-year-old in Virginia went outside to play then came back to the front door with a new friend.”

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen an animal do? Did you manage to get it on camera?


Cat with 3 Legs Went Back to House, Finds A Family Of His Dreams

Cat with 3 Legs Went Back to House, Where He Once Discovered Kindness And Finds A Family Of His Dreams

The adorable orange cat we’re talking about here is named Bubby. The first thing that you’ve probably noticed about this little guy is that he ᴅᴏᴇsɴ’ᴛ have one of his front legs. He’s also ᴍɪssɪɴɢ a part of his tail. But that’s not the only two unique thing about him.

Bubby’s story started 8 years ago when he was aimlessly wandering the streets of Grand Falls-Windsor. And then, one fateful day, he found himself in Boyd Abbott’s kitchen and claimed it as his own. From that day on, Bubby would show up near the man’s house every single day.



Bubby won the hearts of everyone in the family, including Abbott. Simultaneously, Bubby befriends Season, the Abbotts’ cat, Bubby is just a ᴡᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇʀ. The beautiful friendship really blossomed and went on until the day Seson crossed the rainbow bridge. The man and his family fell in love with the orange cat from the day he stepped paw into their kitchen, but the stray was ᴡᴀʀʏof being an indoor cat and adamant about being let outside after each visit.  He decided to politely decline their invitation to live here. They were best friends until Season had to say goodbye.

Bubby continued his regular visits with the man. He quickly earned himself his very own chair, a set of dishes, and touched everyone’s heart in the family. Unfortunately, a few years later, the man ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ, and one of his wishes was that his family members would continue to take care of Bubby. Despite the family’s best efforts, it wasn’t meant to happen—the cat suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

Around the summer of 2019, a familiar figure emerged in the neighborhood. It was Bubby the 3-legged cat — he was en route to the very house where he once found kindness. Ray Pinsent, who happened to be in the neighborhood, recognized the cat right away as he knew of the beautiful bond between the late man and his faithful cat. The orange tabby had grown older and weaker after years on the streets. It was apparent that those years hadn’t been kind to him. Ray began a ʀᴇsᴄᴜᴇ ᴍɪssɪᴏɴ to get the cat to safety but after months of trying, the clever feline continuously ᴇᴠᴀᴅᴇᴅ being ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ. When the harsh Canadian winter arrived, Ray was ʟᴏsɪɴɢ sleep worrying that the cat might not be able to hang on much longer with each passing day.

He knocked on the door of the man’s house that now had a new owner, and inquired about the cat. The homeowner only saw Bubby once in a while and didn’t pay much mind. Ray pleaded for her to open the door next time when she spotted the cat, and he would come get him. The very next day, she called back to tell him that the cat was there, sitting in her kitchen. Ray dropped everything at hand to pick him up and rushed him to Exploits Valley SPCA Aᴅᴏᴘᴛᴀʙʟᴇs. He wasn’t sure if Bubby would make it, but the least he could do was give him a fighting chance.

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩

Cat and Dog Show an Incredible Bond Built with the Warmest Cuddles


Television shows and films often depict the rivalry between cats and dogs. It’s always a hilarious addition to comedic acts, where each side attempts to prove that their species is much superior. Cats & Dogs is a famously known movie that uniquely portrayed pets. The storyline will keep you watching until the end. Will their owners notice what is happening? Who will be the victor in the ongoing war to achieve their individual goals?

Garfield is also a movie reference that shows a cat’s animosity toward dogs, but it is one-sided. But as the movie goes on, Garfield and Odie become best buds and great pets for Jon. In reality, harmony can be achieved when you live with felines and canines.

One couple, Ashley and Jason, witness the loving friendship between Sarge and Conan in their everyday life. It was a surprise to the couple when they learned how their beloved pets spend time with each other of their own free will.


“Sarge learned that if I flop in front of Conan, he might start giving me kisses,” Jason shared. The little pupper would just approach Conan and lay beside him, and Conan would give him something like a hug; it was just the most adorable sight. It became their special thing, which they do daily. They really have built an amazing bond with warm cuddles and tiny kisses. Conan is the sweetest orange tabby, and who wouldn’t want to cuddle with him?


Aside from Conan, the couple also has another cat named Eleanor. She’s a shy, timid furball, and, according to Jason, Eleanor doesn’t know how to interact with the cuddle buddies. “Unfortunately for Eleanor, it’s team brothers, and Eleanor doesn’t get in on the cuddle session very often,” Jason explained. When Sarge is asleep, Eleanor will cuddle next to him, but when the pup wakes up, she immediately moves away. There might be an awkward vibe between the two, but there is no room for hate in their family.

“I’ve seen pets cuddle up to each other, but I’ve never seen a dog flop over and beg for love from a cat like that,” says Jason. The couple also shared that there are days that Conan doesn’t feel like giving hugs. Sarge would try and ask for one, but when all else fails, he goes for a belly rub from Ashley. Clearly, Sarge is the baby in the family, knowing he can easily get what he wants.

The couple created a TikTok and Instagram account for their fur babies. You can see more cuddling sessions from Sarge and Conan, and the lovely Eleanor is also there. You’ll get more updates about their friendship — photos and videos showing that Sarge and Eleanor love each other even without daily cuddles.


German Shepherd Gives Birth To A Lime Green Puppy Named Hulk

A family in North Carolina were stunned when their pet German shepherd gave birth to a lime green puppy who she’s now named Hulk.

When Shana Stamey of Canton, North Carolina’s white German shepherd went into labor last Friday, she thought she was ready for any surprises.  The dog named Gypsy quickly gave birth 8 healthy puppies but its owners freaked out when they saw the green pup.  Shana Stamey said she then reached out to a number of animal experts, who assured her that it was just staining from birth fluids, and it was in no danger.

Photos show the small pup with a bright, light green tint that stands out against his white and black furred siblings.


16 Pictures That Prove How Life With Pets Is Like a Rollercoaster Ride

Humans have always felt the need to be close to animals, which is why they started domesticating wild animals centuries ago. It wasn’t only because animals could help them with their daily activities, but also because they offered companionship. In today’s era, almost 75 million families in the US alone have a pet living with them at home.

Bright Side truly believes that people who have pets are opening themselves up to a life full of surprises and emotions.

1. “I think there’s something wrong with my cat.”

2. “How many dogs does it take to answer the door?”

3. “I guess he’s having a hard day.”

4. “When you’re sleeping at your friend’s house but they forget to give you a blanket”

5. “He stole a cheeseburger and just had it sitting in his mouth.”

6. “90-degree kitty”

7. “This weirdo has figured out that sitting here gets her the most pets from passers-by.”

8. “Teefs and feets”

9. “’Get a cat,’ they said. ’It’ll be fun,’ they said.”

10. “He does this and watches me watch TV.”

11. “He will lay on random things like this.”

12. “She sits like this a lot and it looks like she has no arms.”

13. “She sat there for almost 10 minutes.”

14. “Why does he keep doing this?”

15. “I specifically chose this park because there is no water feature.”

16. “He always relaxes on the couch like this.”

What unusual things does your pet do, and why do you think they act the way they do?


Vet Says Dalmatian Will Have 3 Puppies, Instead She Gives Birth To 18

When a dog gets pregnant, one of the first things that their owners want to know is how many puppies they are having. And while this is not an exact science, with equipment vets can get a pretty good estimate of how many pups are on the3 way. So, when one vet’s math was way off it left the dog owner in sʜᴏᴄᴋ by just how much the vet was wrong.


When trainer and breeder, Cecilia Lanton Bunkergot got the exciting news that her dog Miley was pregnant, she was ecstatic but very prepared. As the proud owner of a prestigious breeding program that has produced numerous titled and championed dogs over 27 years, Cecilia is the definition of an expert when it comes to handling situations like this.

Cecilia would take Miley on regular trips to the vet to monitor her pregnancy to ensure she and her pups were safe and healthy. With the help of x-rays and ultrasounds, her vet speculated that Miley would have 3 pups.  As time passed Cecilia sensed that the count was off.  However, Miley continued to be healthy and happy and that was the most important thing.

After her gestation passed, Miley began her labor and Cecilia called on the team of veterinary nurses that she had on standby to help ensure a safe delivery.  After the 3 predicted pups were born with no sign of stopping, Miley’s delivery team was sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ to deliver pup after pup.  For Astro’s part, he must have been a true Wonder Boy because Miley gave birth to 18 healthy puppies to the surprise of everyone.

Typically, Dalmatians have litters of eight or ten puppies, but first time moms have even less than the average. So, the humongous litter landed Miley in the Guinness book of World Records for the world’s largest litter ever birthed.

Since there are so many little guys, Cecilia and her husband are helping the new mother with the puppy-care. There is always a fresh supply of warm milk available for the little guys. “Fortunately, we have a lot of outside space and the dogs have lots of things to play with.” Louise said. “They’ve got their own Wendy House, and swings and slides that they love to play on.”

To tell the puppies apart (because that’s an awful lot of spots to distinguish), the puppies have a temporarily dyed color on their neck until their collars arrive. Just thinking about how adorably tiny the collars are going to be brings a smile to my face!


I went to a pet store to buy food for my cat, I saw this

“I went to a pet store to buy food for my cat. There I saw this baby with a sticker on the cage that was not for sale due to illness. They told me that he was having epileptic fits and they are waiting to see where they take him. Without hesitation, I told them I want to
I bought the necessary and I named her Hope!!! I told her we’ she’s coming home to meet her brothers and live together! She’s beautiful the way she is, isn’t her judgment scaring me.”
Wish her the best.