Cat with No Eyes Finds Hope and A New Home

This is Hope. She can’t see, but she doesn’t let it stop her.

Hope was found when she was 16 weeks old at a Ikea parking lot along with her mother and sister, Charity and Joy. She had no eyes.

“ This sweet 4 month old alley cat suffers from Microphthalmia, which literally means ‘ small eye ’. Hope was born with two veritably bitsynon-functional eyes and is fully eyeless, ” the sanctum wrote. They participated prints of Hope on Facebook. “ She surely caught the hearts of a lot of people, ” Janet Cappus, the relinquishment counsellor said. “ She’s incredibly intelligent and can find her way around. ”

“ She’s the most sportful alley cat anything with a spring or a ball, if she could hear it, she was playing with it. She’d run each around the room, ” she added.

Hope’s mama and family got espoused and set up a home together, but Hope was still staying for her ever home due to her special requirements.

Not long after, she met her match.

“ Her new( pater
) says she’s formerly set up her favorite spot on the settee, ” Cappus said.

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