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Cat of 22 Years Is Overjoyed to Be Free of the Shelter, Have a Full Belly

Cat of 22 Years Is Overjoyed to Be Free of the Shelter, Have a Full Belly

Cat of 22 Years Is Overjoyed to Be Free of the Shelter, Have a Full Belly

A 22-year-old cat is so happy to be out of the shelter, and have a full belly and a comfy place to spend her golden years.

When she was 22 years old, a cat was surrendered to a local shelter in Brisbane (AU) in early October. “Her family is no longer able to afford her care owing to escalating living costs,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines explained.

The shelter was full and didn’t have the resources to assist her. When Best Friends Felines learnt about her plight, they immediately started looking for a foster home for the senior cat.

They were resolved to save her and care for her for the rest of her life.

In early October, a cat was surrendered to a local shelter in Brisbane (AU) when she was at the ripe old age of 22. “Her family are no longer able to afford her care due to the rising costs of living,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared.

The shelter was at capacity and didn’t have the resources to help her. When Best Friends Felines learned about her situation, they immediately began arranging for a foster home for the senior cat.

They were determined to rescue her and take her in to ensure she lives the rest of her life filled with love.

Thelma was 22 years old when she ended up at the shelter

The cat named Thelma was just skin and bones and missing patches of fur. At her age, she ought to be spending her retirement in a comfortable, quiet home instead of being behind bars of a shelter kennel.

The rescue reached out to their community in hopes of securing a carer for the deserving cat. With the power of social media, a volunteer stepped up to the plate, and the sweet cat was able to leave the shelter that day and start a new chapter.

“She arrived via transport and what a state she was in–she was incredibly thin, full of mats and endless bald patches, but what a smoochy sweet lady she is.”

Thelma was an instant love-bug and very affectionate towards everyone she came across. She happily rubbed her face on her carer while kneading away with her paws.

She has found many things to knead on at her new home

After a full day at the vet’s office, they were able to shave off all the matted fur and give her a luxurious spa treatment that she so deserved. “She is looking sparkly new with a mat-free coat,” the rescue added.

Thelma was also treated for a urinary tract infection but was otherwise doing well. She was so content and purring nonstop the whole time as if she knew she was in good hands.

She is getting good care and all the love in the world

The sweet girl has joined the rescue’s palliative care program which provides a life-long haven and care for special needs cats and super senior cats to give them the best life possible.

Thelma is tough and brave, and has quickly bounced back through good care and a comfortable environment. She will enjoy her golden years with a dedicated carer to cater to her every need.

The sweet feline has already explored around her new home and found many soft blankets and pillows to nestle in. She loves sharing the big bed with her people, and adores every moment she spends with them.

Besides her foster family, Thelma now has many fluffy toys to choose from and cuddle up with all day.

She now has a teddy bear to snuggle with all day

“She will live the remainder of her life however long that is in Best Friends Felines’ care with endless love from her carer, vet trips when needed, and a full belly and comfy bed.”


Happy and loved

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A Step-by-Step Missing Cat Guide for Finding A Lost Cat

A Step-by-Step Missing Cat Guide for Finding A Lost Cat

Figuring out how to find a lost pet can be easier said than done. Cats are naturally good at hiding, running, and getting into tight spots, so they can go missing more often than you’d expect.

In fact, some experts say around 15% of pet parents lose their kitty within 5 years of bringing them home.

Whether your outdoor cat hasn’t come home for a few days, or your indoor kitty managed a quick escape from an open window, you’re likely to be filled with anxiety and panic.

The most important thing you can do to ensure you get your feline friend home as soon as possible is to stay calm and come up with a plan.

Ideally, you’ll want to establish your plan before your cat goes missing, so you know how to jump into action when something goes wrong.

Fortunately, we’ve got some top tips to get you on the right track.

How To Find a Lost Indoor Cat

This might sound like a pretty obvious tip, but it’s easily overlooked when you’re struggling to find your feline friend.

After checking your cat’s usual haunts, you might be tempted to immediately sound the alarm and start printing “missing” posters and flyers.

However, your pet may be closer to home than you’d think. Remember, cats like small, cozy spaces, so they may be hiding in places you wouldn’t typically expect, such as in cupboards or household appliances.

Check the drum of your washing machine or dryer. If you have small nooks and crannies around your home, give them a closer look. Kitties can move almost like liquid at times, so don’t rule out a space because you think it’s too small for your cat.

If you’re absolutely sure your furry pal isn’t present inside of your home, it’s time to start searching through the surrounding areas.

According to one study conducted in 2017 into missing cats, the average feline was found around 50 metres away from home for outdoor cats, and 39 meters for indoor cats.

Go outside and check your garden, sheds, garages, and even the neighbors’ yards if possible. It’s also worth talking to your neighbors to find out whether they’ve spotted your cat wandering around.

One good tip could also be to check the houses you used to live in with your cat. If your cat escapes and gets confused, it may go back to the home it knew before.

How To Find a Lost Cat Outside

If you’re absolutely positive your cat isn’t around the house or in your garden, the next step is to consider your options.

If you already have your kitty microchipped, the first thing you need to do is check your chip details to determine whether anyone has already found and scanned your missing cat.

Unfortunately, a microchip won’t allow you to instantly find your feline friend, as you’ll need to wait until someone is able to scan the data.

This is one of the reasons why many people opt for collars with GPS tracking capabilities as an alternative.

Checking your microchip contact information early on is a good idea, however, as it means you can ensure your contact details are all up to date for when someone does find your pet.

After you’ve dealt with your microchip, here are some of the following steps you can take to track down your loved one.

Step 1: Make some calls

First, you’ll want to get in touch with as many people as possible, who might be able to help you find your cat.

Contact your neighbors, family members, and friends who may be able to assist with the search.

It’s also worth getting in touch with local veterinary hospitals, local vets, animal control agencies, and local shelters.

Often, when someone finds a cat roaming the streets, their first instinct is to take it to a professional institution.

Step 2: Use social media

Thanks to the internet revolution, we’re no longer reliant exclusively on calls and texts to sound the alarm when something bad happens. You can also jump onto social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Check out neighborhood groups on Facebook to see if someone has reported seeing your cat in their garden.

You can also publish pictures online to help people identify your cat, and the process is much faster than waiting for an ad to be printed in a newspaper.

Outside of Facebook, you can also try local Reddit groups, or the Nextdoor app, which links you to your local neighborhood to share posts and notices.

Make sure you provide everyone you contact with clear information, relevant photos, and any critical details. For instance, you may want to inform people that your cat is often nervous around strangers.

Step 3: Hit the streets

While technology and social media can make it a lot easier to find a missing pet, sometimes the best strategies are still the old-fashioned ones. Getting out and roaming the streets yourself in search of your pet can be a great way to find them.

The great thing about this strategy is you can actively get involved in calling your cat’s name.

Research suggests cats are able to identify their cat name, as well as the voices of their owners, so they may be more likely to come to you than a stranger.

While you’re out and about, make sure you bring some posters with you, so you can hang them on lampposts and walls, anywhere you think your cat might go.

You can consider offering a reward for your pet’s safe return, to encourage people to get looking.

Step 4: Set up a (Safe) trap

If you’ve spent hours on the streets with no luck, return home and make it easier to “capture” your cat when they eventually find their way back.

You can buy or rent humane traps to place around your home, which allows you to set out food and water as bait for your feline friend. You can also consider placing some of your cat’s favorite things outside so they can recognize the scent.

cat litter box, a cat toy, and even their kitty bed can help here.

Most local animal shelters and many rescue groups will have a trap you can borrow.

To boost your chances of getting the right results, it’s also worth thinking about installing a camera so you can track what happens outside of your house, and around your traps. You might notice your cat avoids coming into the trap but hangs out in your garden for a few hours each day.

Once you know this, you’ll be able to determine when you’re most likely to encounter your furry friend.

Step 5: Hire an Expert

Pet detectives weren’t just made up for movies. There are actually experts out there who specialize in finding missing pets.

While you might need to pay a little extra for a pet detective, it can help to know someone else is involved in bringing your kitty home safe and sound.

Make sure you provide your expert with as much information about your cat as possible. Tell them about its personality, and where it likes to go.

While your expert is working, make sure you continue to do your part by contacting shelters and other locations.

What to Do When You Find Your Cat

The first thing you’re likely to do when you find your missing cat is smother them with affection.

However, it’s worth being cautious about how you approach a cat depending on how long it’s been missing.

Once you get your kitty back in your home, check them over for signs of pain or discomfort. They might be dirty, or a little beaten up if they got into an altercation with another animal.

In general, even if your kitty looks the same as always, most vets will recommend taking them in for a quick physical exam.

Together with your veterinarian, you’ll be able to check your cat for any potential problems, including wounds, signs of dehydration, cuts, bitesticks, and fleas.

If something does appear to be a little off, your vet might recommend getting some bloodwork done to check for more significant problems.

After you’re sure your cat is in good condition, give them time to readjust to their household routine, and don’t be concerned if they seem a little isolated or withdrawn, they may be confused.

Ensure you don’t smother your furry friend too quickly, as this could be overwhelming. You’ll also need to update anyone you’ve asked to join you in your hunt for your kitty, to let them know they’re safely back home.

You can update your social media posts and call your friends.

How to Stop Your Cat from Getting Lost

No matter how cautious you are about ensuring your cat doesn’t stray too far from home, there’s always a chance they could go missing.

Notably, it’s not just outdoor cats who end up lost. While it’s more common for cats that roam freely around the neighborhood to disappear for a while, indoor cats can escape at times too.

To reduce your risk of problems in the future, you could consider making your cat an indoor feline, and keeping close track of all the windows and doors exiting your home. It’s also a good idea to get a microchip for your pet if you don’t have one already.

A microchip is a pain-free and inexpensive way to ensure people know who to contact if they find and scan your kitty.

At the same time, make sure you’re aware of the kind of things that might prompt your cat to run away.

For instance, group celebrations and parties can lead to a greater risk of a door being left open.

Fireworks and thunderstorms can confuse an outdoor cat and send them further afield. Your cat might even avoid coming home if they’re feeling unwell.

If you’re particularly concerned about your pet going missing, you could also consider looking into the GPS tracking tools available on the market today. Beacons and collars are available specifically to help you track your pets if they wander out of your home.

These often come with apps you can use to get updates on your animal’s whereabouts.

If you’re particularly concerned about your pet going missing, you could also consider looking into the GPS tracking tools available on the market today. Beacons and collars are available specifically to help you track your pets if they wander out of your home.

These often come with apps you can use to get updates on your animal’s whereabouts.

However, just because your cat is missing doesn’t mean you have to lose hope. If you have a plan in place and you’re ready to act quickly, you should be able to bring your furry friend back home.

With a little luck, you’ll never have to encounter this issue yourself, but if the worst does happen, stay calm, and use the tips above to start tracking down your missing friend.


This cat took matters into her own hands to save her human when she was in danger

This cat took matters into her own hands to save her human when she was in danger

Most of us will do anything for our pets, we adjust our homes for them, will try and do our best by them and pay expensive vet bills when they get sick.

Some of us would even put our lives on the line for them without expecting the favor to be returned.

Tara started off life as a stray until one day she arrived at this family’s front yard.

It was love at first sight for all and it didn’t take long for this friendly kitty to be adopted into their family.

Tara loved everyone she met, but she formed a special connection with one member of her family, and it was lucky she did.

Because when she sensed her friend was in danger she did what few other pets would or even could do.

Security footage caught her unprecedented bravery on tape.

This amazing story shows us that in the face of adversity, our kitties can be brave and the love they have for their humans is second to none.

Tara proved to be mankind’s best friend and saved the day with her loyalty.

Way to go Tara!

Watch the video:


Orange Cat Seeks Solutions on His Own

Orange Cat Seeks Solutions on His Own

A man spotted a little stray kitten all alone wandering across a busy country road.

Fearing for the kitten’s life, the man got out of his car to rescue the cat.

He then decided the best thing to do was to take him home and foster him.

They had him scanned him for a microchip but he didn’t have one, they also posted his photo on social media, but no one came forward to claim him.

On his first day at his new home the little kitten was a little frightened,but after that he soon settled in and started to love his new life.

He even began to bond with every member of the household, including their two dogs.

Because there was already a sweet orange tabby cat and two dogs in the family they didn’t want to adopt the cat, but would continue to foster until a suitable home was found.

But what he didn’t consider was that his ginger kitty was totally enamoured with the little black and white kitten and it seemed that he didn’t want to let him go.

In fact he liked him so much that he decided his new little friend wouldn’t be going anywhere!

The man has since decided to keep him in the family – especially as his other kitty gave him no choice!

How lucky for the kitten that this kind man spotted him, scooped him up and took him home, because now he’s living the life of a happy house cat.

Cat Library in the Office! Cats can be "checked out" by employees to bring to their desks

Cat Library in the Office! Cats can be “checked out” by employees to bring to their desks

A County government office in the Southwest US have built a cat condo in their office and are allowing employees to take a cat or kitten back to their desk for an hour a day.

The cats are housed in the lobby of this two storey office and as so many people visit this government building on a daily basis, it gives them a greater chance of being adopted, after all, who can resist a fluffy kitten!

The office has 800 employees and each is allowed to take a cat back to their desk for an hour a day so that the cats get used to human interaction, it has also increased employee satisfaction and since the initiative started a year ago more than 100 cats have been adopted.

Reddit user Loocylooo, who works in the office, speaks of how her son fell in love with one of the kittens on a ‘bring your child to work day’ and so she adopted one herself.

She says: “The county work with the local animal shelter, and because we get so much of the public coming through our lobby every day, they put up a large enclosed cat condo and some of the shelter kitties come here so they have a higher chance of being adopted. Meanwhile, the employees get to enjoy them, and it gives the cats a chance to be socialised before they are adopted.”

The kitties have a reputation for meowing at people as they pass by and most people cannot resist stopping to say hello.

It’s very inspiring to see that a government office would come up with a great idea that gives these cats more of a chance of being adopted.

Do you think I could get a job there?

Dramatic finding of a missing cat under a bridge results in her reunion with her family!

Dramatic finding of a missing cat under a bridge results in her reunion with her family!

Two men went to rescue a cat who was stranded under a bridge. After the tabby was saved, they found out that she had been missing from her home for over 15 months!

The kitty was spotted on the base of Dolphin Bridge (Norwich, England) by a cyclist Becky Steel who quickly alerted two men close by who were preparing their boat. Stephen Hawkes and Danny Mealey paddled out to retrieve the cat.

“At first the cat looked panicky but it wanted to come on the coat in the end,” Hawkes told EDP.

When the RSPCA took the cat to the vet, they found a microchip which showed that she had been missing from her home for 15 months.

They were able to track the family down and found her human Adrienne Hamilton who looked for her cat for months until she thought she couldn’t find her any more.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got that she had been found. It was lovely – she recognized me immediately and made this chirping noise she used to do when she saw me,” Hamilton told EDP.

“The children were over the moon. My son actually cried to hear that his pet was alive,” Hamilton told MustardTV.

Finally home.

Watch the rescue in the video below!

The big screen adaptation of A Street Cat Named Bob

The big screen adaptation of A Street Cat Named Bob

There have been six books about James Bowen and his companion Bob to date

The heart-warming story of a cat named Bob and his owner, which has already spawned a series of best-selling books, is to be turned into a major film.

A Street Cat Named Bob, the original book about how Bob helped busker James Bowen turn his life around, has sold more than a million copies in the UK.

Work on the film will begin version in October.

Luke Treadaway, who found fame on stage in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, will play Bowen.

The movie will also star Treadaway’s real-life girlfriend, actress Ruta Gedmintas, and be directed by Roger Spottiswoode, who made Tomorrow Never Dies.

The film will be based on the book, which tells the story of how Bowen, then a recovering drug addict, found an injured Bob in his sheltered accommodation in 2007 and nursed him back to health.

The pair became inseparable and Bowen credits the scarf-wearing cat with aiding his own recovery.

A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life was published in 2012, and there have since been five further books.

A film has been in the pipeline for several years, and in 2013 Bowen told the BBC: “Bob changed my life and if they make a movie about us, that will just be the ultimate rags-to-turning our life somewhere better.”

2 kittens decide to trust the cat that was found living beneath the shopping carts

2 kittens decide to trust the cat that was found living beneath the shopping carts

A cat was found living under shopping carts with her two kittens. They decided to trust after 24 hours indoors.

When Sparkle Cat Rescue was notified about a stray cat nursing two kittens at a Walmart, their volunteers sprang into action. The trio were found hunkering down under a packed row of shopping carts.

Within ten minutes, rescuers were able to get the mother and one of the kittens safely into a humane trap. The remaining little one was too savvy and gave his rescuers a run for their money.

After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, they decided to try a different approach.

Christina, an experienced TNR rescuer, attempted to lure the remaining kitten out with his sibling, but that didn’t work. When she switched to the tortie cat, the kitten slowly emerged from hiding to the sound of his mother.

After over two hours of effort, they got the final kitten and reunited him with his family.

“The last kitten trapped was the most hissy and his sibling fed off of it,” Sparkle Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

That night, the family of three were able to eat to their hearts’ content and rest comfortably in a quiet space. In just one day, the kittens, Raz and Taz, went from being hissy spitfires to accepting pets and snuggles.

The tortie cat, Nora, was a little timid but inquisitive about people. The change in her kittens’ demeanor gave her the confidence and reassurance that they were safe.

“The Walmart employees said she had the kittens in the garden center. The babies might not have survived had they stayed at the parking lot where there is such high traffic. We are so thankful that they are healthy and safe.”

Raz and Taz, then six weeks old, were eating canned kitten food like champs. They still enjoyed nursing on their mom throughout the day for additional snacking and comfort.

“Raz is the larger of the two and has a little shorter tail. Taz loves to jump up on laps once he feels comfortable with you.”

The two have been a bonded pair since day one. They feed off each other’s energy and do everything together as partners in mischief. Raz has learned to be brave by watching and imitating his brother.

After each play session, they curl up in a basket or bed, wrap their arms around each other before purring themselves to sleep.

Nora is happy as can be now that her job as a mother is complete. She is still working on socialization with the help of a loving foster family and other feline friends.

Every day, she makes good strides and gains more confidence. “She is a little shy but very curious about people and good with other cats.”

After nearly two months in foster care, Raz and Taz had their dream come true today when they moved into their forever home together.

In no time, they will claim all the big chairs in the house and fill their kingdom with purrs and cuddles.

“We can’t help thinking how lucky they are. We are so glad we could save them and make such a difference in their future.”

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2 Kittens Are Brought to a Yard by a Cat in Search of a Better Life for Them

2 Kittens Are Brought to a Yard by a Cat in Search of a Better Life for Them

A grey cat appeared in a yard scrounging around for food scraps. She was very hungry and came up to the homeowners for something to fill her belly.

The family wanted to help the friendly stray before the weather became too harsh to bear. Nadia, an animal rescuer based in Montreal, Canada, saw their plea and sprang into action.

When she arrived at their home, she spotted the long-haired feline and two kittens that had been brought along. The cat had been trying to feed her little family, and Nadia was determined to get them all off the streets.

The cat mother and her precious two finally bade farewell to the outdoors that day. They arrived at Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a cat rescue, where a foster home was awaiting them.

“The cat was named Melbie, and her kittens were Loupix (boy) and Lio (girl),” the rescue shared.

While the younglings quickly came out of their shells and embraced the luxuries of indoor life, Melbie took her time to explore her new abode, and slowly ventured outside her comfort zone.

“She was a bit unsure at first (having lived outside for so long), but her curiosity won each time. She became more confident and played a little more every day.”

Once Melbie mustered up her courage, she started to seek affection from her people. She would rub her face against their legs, join them in their bedroom at night and curl up next to them to sleep.

“It was beautiful to see how she evolved into a more confident cat,” the rescue shared.



Cat eludes his owner’s control and the original shelter won’t return him!

Rae Bees, a Chicago-based artist, had had a difficult month. She has been battling in court for custody of her cherished cat for the past month! Reggie the cat, so named after comedian Reggie Watts, ran away from Bees’ house and returned to the animal shelter from whence he had been adopted.

Just one day before Halloween, Bees’ cat broke out of her house, and she instantly posted a meme on Facebook asking for assistance. Reggie here, and I’m lost (again). I’m not wearing a collar. I might have been kidnapped. I’ll get away once more, the cat’s image declared.

The cat was recognised on Chicago’s streets shortly after that. Someone called Feline Friends, the group from which Reggie was adopted, after scanning her microchip. Reggie was given back to the shelter, and after looking Rae Bees up on Facebook, they made the decision to keep the cat.

Reggie was adopted by Bees five years ago, and as part of the adoption agreement, she agreed not to allow her cat outside. Reggie was frequently featured in photos posted on Bees’ Facebook site, and there were previously previous posts appealing for assistance in locating the missing cat.

In defence of herself, Bees claimed that although she forbids Reggie from going outside, he always has a cunning plan to get away. Reggie’s return to Bees’ house is simply forbidden by Feline Friends, and a court hearing is imminent.

The company claims that she broke the agreement, but Bees’ lawyers counter that it isn’t enforceable. According to Mariana Karampelas, one of Bees’ attorneys, “It’s not an enforceable contract,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

Bees is permitted to see Reggie for one hour per week until the matter is resolved, and she is determined to win the custody dispute for her cherished cat.

“I believe that [Feline Friends] believed I was a simple art student and would abandon him like I didn’t care. But I’m so determined to attempt to win him back. To me, he is like a family,” Bees remarked.