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See How Rescue Can Change A Cat (Top 10 Before and After Pics)


See How Rescue Can Change A Cat (Top 10 Before and After Pics)

A pet cat brings love and joy into any home that accepts them with open arms and hearts, but that love earnings indeed more special meaning when the cat is a deliverance from the thoroughfares.

numerous of these espoused pussycats have been saved from the veritably point of death. However, we hope that this list will move you to to borrow and not protect, If you ’re considering getting a cat.

And deliverance kitties need love, too!

1.) sanctum set up A Box Of Gibs With Only One Living, A Eyeless Cat. 6 Months latterly, She Is Healthier Than Ever

2.) Bunny Was set up Wounded After Being Electrocuted. Then He Is A Many Months latterly

3.) Mr. Biscuits Tried To Get Warm In A Auto Machine And Was Burned poorly When the Auto Was Started and Driven

4.) Alley cat Was set up Half Dead. Then She Is A Month latterly

5.) Abandoned In The Gutter Just Two Weeks Old, Louie Is Now The King Of His House

6.) A saved Kitty Before And After

7.) Kodama, set up With A Maggot- Infested Wound. 6 Times latterly, She Is Happier Than Ever

8.) Little Kitty Was set up impregnated In The Cold Rain. Now Utopia Has A Loving Home

9.) saved Kitty Before And After

10.) Stuart Little After He Was set up And Loved Back To Health


The Woman With 1,000 Cats: Gives Her Home to the Cats, Moves into a Trailer

A caring lady has officially given up her home to more than 1,000 felines. Lynea Lattanzio, 67, of Parlier, California, now lives in a caravan which rests upon her six acre property and allows the pussycats to run freely through the five bedroom house.
She started fostering pussycats back in 1992 after a divorce and acquired 96 by the end of the time – successfully rehoming all ofthem.In 1993 she came a veterinary technician to help keep the creatures ’ medical costs down, when the number of pussycats continued to grow.

moment she runs The Cat House On which is California’s largest no- pen, no kill sanctuary specifically for feral and abandoned pussycats.
Lynea, who was banned by her mama from keeping a cat when she was a child, said ‘ I ’m at the top of the list of eccentric cat ladies – I do n’t suppose there has been anyone who has lived with,000 pussycats in 24 times. That’s presumably a record. ”

‘ Back also I was single, had no kiddies and bought this,200 square bottom home and allowed
what am I allowing. ”‘ I started taking in pussycats but it was n’t my intention to have,000 plus pussycats – but it’s happed one step at a time. ”

‘ I went from my five bedroom home with a swimming pool, bar and a view of the swash to a,600 square bottom mobile home with gravel essence. ”
‘ When I moved to the caravan I swore it would be a cat free zone, but I presently have 20 gibs and four puppies in there. ”
Lynea Lattanzio in her kitchen at the Cat House on the lords. further than,000 pussycats presently stay with her.

The pussycats are allowed to bat free throughout the five- bedroomhome.Lynea has qualified as a veterinary technician so she can reduce costs at thesanctuary.Lynea and her platoon of levies watch for about 800 adult pussycats and 300 gibs.

The platoon starts feedings at the sanctum at 4 am and they also give medical attention to critically illcats.One of the pussycats presently taken in at the Cat House on the lordssanctuary.Lynea loves the pussycats but her end is to find them new homes, not to keep them forherself.More than 500 pussycats are presently available for relinquishment.

Lynea started the retreat after getting disassociated. She vended her marriage ring to help fundit.The pussycats bat throughout the theater of the home in Parlier, California.

‘ You can take the woman out of the sanctum but you ca n’t take the sanctum out of the woman. ’ Lynea started her sanctuary herself without any outside fiscal help at each at the time.

She said ‘ When I first started this bid, it was out of my own fund for seven times. ”‘ I vended my auto, I vended my marriage ring. ’ moment, Lynea and her platoon of levies watch for about 800 adult pussycats and 300 gibs in her,200 square bottom home.

The platoon starts feedings at the sanctum at 4 am and they also give medical attention to critically illcats.We’ve an ICU and a warhorse that comes formerly a week to check our creatures. ’

And as much as Lynea loves the pussycats her end is to find them good, new homes, not to keep them for herself. ‘ I love pussycats because they ’re independent, they ’re beautiful and graceful.

still, go to our website and fill out the relinquishment form – there are 500 for relinquishment that are friendly and ready to go, ‘ If you ’re interested in espousing. ’


Pregnant Stray Cat Begs a Family to Help Her in Her Hour of Need

This is the story of a pregnant cat who did commodity amazing. She did n’t want to bring her kitties into the world without a bit of backing, and so, he asked one lucky family for help.
Joanne participated this story with Amy.

“ Over a time ago, this beautiful blue eyed Siamese lynx cross constantly came by my house. We started feeding her on a routine base. Every morning she’d stay for us in front of our garage and she’d literally run partial way down the reverse lane next to our auto as we drove home.
This was first taken when she started coming around. She was really skinny.

She’d stay for hours while we were at work or out doing errands. One day she thanked us by staying for us in front of our garage with a dead mouse. Once she saw us, she dropped the mouse and she had this proud look on her face when we courteously accepted her gift.

A many days after we took her in and her settling in the house.

We decided to take her in once the temperature started to drop. Winter comes hot where we live. A many weeks latterly, we ’ve noticed her breadbasket
getting bigger. We had brought her in and the warhorse had told us that she’d be ready to give birth in a many weeks and that she was formerly pregnant when we officially espoused her.

We were always told that she chose us to help her bring her little bones
safely and warm into the world.

All of her gibs have set up homes and this beautiful girl, once an abandoned slapdash, now hypercritically called Annie, is part of our family. ”

print( s) credit JoanneT.


Dog sized Giant Cat that Viral on Internet! Meet Kefir

Generally when we write about a chonky beast, it’s because they ’ve had one too numerous treats and need to slim down.

Kefir, still, is a big boy by nature, and is n’t indeed yet completely grown.
On track to come the world’s biggest cat, the Maine Coon is so massive people suppose he’s a canine, importing in at a whopping12.5 kg( 27 lbs).

At lower than two times old, he’s formerly surpassed the average adult weight for his strain(6.8 kg to11.3 kg), and will continue to get bigger until he’s roughly three or four.
The large puss belongs to Yulia Minina, who lives in the Russian city of Stary Oskol.

She bought Kefir – named after the milky yoghurt drink – as a small alley cat from a cattery, after falling in love with his snowy white fur.
He refused to eat dry food so is fed on a diet of meat and natural feed, and he’s a got a huge heart, commodity Yulia says numerous people do n’t realise due to his intimidating size.

Yulia says ‘ I couldn’t indeed suppose that an ordinary baby can come so big.
‘ He not only grew up big in appearance, he’s also veritably smart and always behaves calmly.

‘ The look is generally like that of a person, and Kefir has a redoubtable appearance, but he’s a veritably tender and modest child. ’
Despite being incorrect for a canine, both by those close to Yulia and commenters online, Kefir is further than happy to prove what a gentle mammoth he’s with cuddles and chirrs.

‘ When musketeers and familiarity come to the house, all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked, ’ says Yulia.
‘ But when nonnatives come to the house, everyone first confuses him with a canine. ’

Kefir’s big fur adds to his substantial figure, so he’s prepped to relieve him of the weight and reduce slipping.
It appears he does n’t know his own strength, either, with Yulia adding ‘ He has one further habit at night he likes to climb on me and sleep. When he was a alley cat, it did n’t beget me any vexation.

‘ But now he has come big and heavy, and, of course, it’s delicate to sleep like that. ’


Kitten Found During Hot Weather in Backyard is Now Living It Up as Spoiled Kitten

A kitten who had been born in a backyard, got a new lease on life when a Good Samaritan scooped her up from the unrelenting heat.

” The( cat) mama and other babies faded. They set up her by herself laying on her reverse in 100 degree rainfall, so they called our sanctum and an officer went to get her,” Haley Waugh, Public Information fellow at Front Street Animal Shelter( in Sacramento, California), told.

The alley cat was just a couple of weeks old and in need of bottle feedings around the timepiece.

brassy alley cat
She was set up in a vicinity by herself on a hot summer day
Haley Waugh

The pint- sized fluff- ball was full of cheek, with a fierce station.” She was a little confused by all the new people and smells, so she was whizzing and sticking for the first day.”

After getting gutted up and some food in her belly, the alley cat was starting to warm up to the new arrangements. She was not shy of using her micro claws and exercising her mini swats to get her point across.

fund alley cat ethereal
Haley Waugh

The alley cat demanded a devoted bottle guardian to feed to her every vagrancy, and the staff knew just the perfect person to deliver her to.

” I have had a rough many weeks losing two special fosters, so one of my associates walked over and held her up in front of me. I knew I was taking her home to foster incontinently,” Haley participated with Love Meow.

lovable alley cat in fund
Haley Waugh

She gently placed the alley cat in her frontal fund of her overalls, and the little one calmed down incontinently being cradled in her new carrier. She could feel the jiffs from her foster mama , and was happy with being a fund alley cat.

Despite her initial hisses and doubts,” all that changed the coming morning when she realized I was there to give her food and care for her.”

ethereal slate alley cat
Haley Waugh

Haley has hypercritically named the alley cat Lavender and set out to indulge her with concentrated attention.

She brings the alley cat to work to keep up with the demanding feeding schedule, and keeps Lavender close to insure that she’s loved.

alley cat in fund overalls
Haley Waugh

” Now when she hears my voice she gratuities up and wobbles her way over to me. She puffs up all her fur and madly scrabbles for her bottle,” Haley told.

She wiggles her cognizance when she eats, and takes to her bottle like a titlist.

bottle feeding alley cat
She’s eating like a titlist
Haley Waugh

In just a many days, Lavender has made promising earnings and is getting sweeter and further tender by the day.

She brings immense joy to her foster mama from the moment she wakes up crying for food to the moment she purrs herself to sleep.

happy ethereal alley cat
Haley Waugh

With her foster mama by her side, Lavender is getting confident, curious, and a administrator in the timber.

” She’s such a sweet and curious little alley cat formerly. She’s so interested in what is around her and is always paying attention to me.”

ethereal slate alley cat lavender
Haley Waugh

Not only is Lavender growing in weight, but also fluff. She’s anticipated to develop into a ethereal slate cat with snowbanks in her cognizance.

ethereal slate alley cat hair
Haley Waugh

As for now, Lavender enjoys being spoiled and having her people hang over her24/7.

bitsy fund alley cat
Haley Waugh

Partake this story with your musketeers. Updates on Lavender and Haley’s fosters on Facebook and Instagram@fosterpetsofsac.


Wounded Mama Cat Hung on Just Long Enough to Make Sure Her Babies Were Safe

Wounded Mama Cat Hung on Just Long Enough to Make Sure Her Babies Were Safe
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It’s a happy ending to a veritably sad story. A wounded ma cat set up on the roadside couldn’t survive, but she lived long enough to make sure her babies did!

“I came home a little after 6am from working a double shift. As I was walking my dog, she (my dog) noticed something across the street and I saw that it was a tortoiseshell cat just laying there that had been hit by a car. I assumed she was dead, but I walked closer to her and noticed that she was breathing and she moved her head a bit,” said Ginger via reddit.

“I took my dog home and quickly grabbed a cat carrier and a soft towel and put her inside and my fiancé (Matt) and I rushed her to my vet so we could be waiting outside when it opened at 7:30.

The vet took her and said she’d take a look at her and see what the best course of action would be, and that she would call me later with her plan. They put the cat on a heating pad and was given pain meds and got lots of cuddles. The cat had head trauma and she (vet) thought the kitty had abdominal swelling and took an X-ray but it turns out she was PREGNANT with two very large full term kittens! Later on she texted me and I broke down. To me, this is a testament of a mother’s love.”

The Gulley Park Pets Clinic did absolutely everything they could to help the cat but to no avail. “While the injuries to that sweet mama were too severe to overcome that tough cookie hung in there long enough for us to find out why she hanging on. The reason was…. these two little beauties. We delivered these sweet babies and then comforted their mama as she could finally let go. Good job mama. Good job Ginger and Matt! There are still good people out there folks!”

Two weeks later, Charlemain and Jasper were adopted together! A very happy ending!

“If it’s the last thing I do, my babies are going to make it.”


13 Year Old Kitty Paws at Glass When Someone Walks by The Shelter For Someone – Anyone – To Take Her Home

A black and white cat who is already 13 years old will greet and dance for you when you visit Tabby’s Place these days. Her name is Sienna. Just read on and you will fall in love with this sweet gal.

Sienna the 13 year old the black and white cat asks for attention whenever someone walks by.

When you walk into the cat sanctuary, this is probably what you will see – a friendly furry friend runs up to you and paws at the glass wall to get your attention.

Sienna’s human passed away so was taken in by the cat sanctuary located in Ringoes, NJ.

“The staff and volunteers are gaga for her because she always runs to the window when she hears someone go by. She’s missing her human very much… she has a lot yet to offer, too,” a volunteer of the Tabby’s Place wrote via reddit.


“She lives in a ‘suite’ with a bunch of other cats. They even have a walkway to a tube that goes over a hallway so they can go outside into a solarium. The shelter has 4 suites like this and several smaller, quieter rooms. No kitty lives alone and no kitty lives in a cage, unless it’s absolutely medically necessary. Even the executive director’s office has two kitties!”

“Would you take me home with you pawese?” Who could resist this face?

Update: Sienna has been adopted.


Cat with No Eyes Finds Hope and A New Home

This is Hope. She can’t see, but she doesn’t let it stop her.

Hope was found when she was 16 weeks old at a Ikea parking lot along with her mother and sister, Charity and Joy. She had no eyes.

“ This sweet 4 month old alley cat suffers from Microphthalmia, which literally means ‘ small eye ’. Hope was born with two veritably bitsynon-functional eyes and is fully eyeless, ” the sanctum wrote. They participated prints of Hope on Facebook. “ She surely caught the hearts of a lot of people, ” Janet Cappus, the relinquishment counsellor said. “ She’s incredibly intelligent and can find her way around. ”

“ She’s the most sportful alley cat anything with a spring or a ball, if she could hear it, she was playing with it. She’d run each around the room, ” she added.

Hope’s mama and family got espoused and set up a home together, but Hope was still staying for her ever home due to her special requirements.

Not long after, she met her match.

“ Her new( pater
) says she’s formerly set up her favorite spot on the settee, ” Cappus said.


Army Soldier Gives Stray Cat From Kuwait A New Home in the USA

slapdash cat from Kuwait has clicked with a Kentucky soldier, Sergeant Daryl Casey, and given him a sense of home during his deployment.

“ When we first got then, we were just getting settled in and there was a ma cat who was kind of hanging around our area. Not too long after we got in and got settled in, she had gibs, ” saidSgt. Casey who works on copters at Camp Buehring in Kuwait.

One of these gibs chose Daryl. He was named Stanley.
“ One of the particular little gibs, he and I just kind of clicked. He’s seen me coming by and he ’d come running over to me and rub against my legs. I ’d sit down and he ’d jump in my stage. When everybody sees him walking around, they go ‘ Hey there’s Daryl’s cat! ’ They always say, ‘ Hey are you looking for your daddy? He’s right over there! ‘, ” he said.

Stanley had always been there to keep him company when he felt down or homesick.

“ Christmas and Thanksgiving were, for me, really tough. Those are big family gatherings and I was sitting at work feeling kind of blue and notoriety opens the door and then comes Stanley into the office. He kind of looks at me and jumps up in my stage. You can kind of see from those filmland he just kind of lays up beside me like ‘ Hey man, it’s going to be ok. I ’m then ’, ”Sgt. Casey said.

“ We had some catnip mice that people had transferred and those pussycats went crazy for that! ” he said.
Sgt. Casey could n’t stand the study of leaving Stanley before. He reached out for help from Nowzad, a deliverance group which has helped colors get the creatures they espoused from Afghanistan to their home countries.

“ Getting home will be an absolutely joyous event but just to see that little cat’s smiling face when I come in the house, that’s just going to be commodity. I ca n’t stay for it, ”Sgt. Casey said.

“ People say you ’re saving this cat’s life and I ’m like, well, in a way he’s kind of saved me just by being there for me, ”Sgt. Casey said.

Watch the videotape of a Kentucky Soldier Giving Kuwaiti Cat New Home.


Cat comes train station each day to great traveller

A gorgeous black and white kitty visits the Gipsy Hill Railway Station just about every day in South London. He loves to hail passengers and give them cuddles while they’re awaiting their train.

Hundred of passengers have been greeted by this veritably sociable tuxedo cat every day for the once time and it’s snappily come commodity they look forward to in the morning. What a stimulating way for anyone to start their day, no?
This sweet kitty’s name is named Fanny.
“ She’s only around for early trains and generally attracted by the rustling of the croissant bag. Always over for a cuddle and always makes my day to see her, ” a regular passenger reflected on Facebook.

Fanny herself says on her particular twitter account, “ My name is Fanny and I work at Gipsy Hill Station. When I ’m not at work I tend to stay in licking myself or agitating current affairs with my confidante Quiche. ”

The cat loves nothing further than getting all the love and attention she conceivably can from the original passengers and she indeed purrs up quite a storm for these lucky morning commuters – leaving everyone with a awful smile to take them through the rest of the day.