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This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions


This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions

Rexie is a cat which once again proves that disability is not inability. This 3-year old feline has a broken backbone and no control over his legs due to being mistreated by his previous owners. However, Rexie didn’t let the paralysis stop him. According to the cat’s owner DashaMinaeva, the kitten doesn’t even know he’s paralyzed and goes around just like any other cat.

Rexie is a pretty unique cat with an upbeat personality. “He does everything other cats do – he just can’t scratch his ears and can’t go to the toilet on his own. That’s what we’re here for,” Dasha says with a smile.

Minaeva got Rexie a custom wheelchair to help him get around the house, but it proved to be of little use. He’s already off the wheelchair as Rexie is much more comfortable walking on his two feet. Check out the handicapped cutie who doesn’t let his two legs stop him from being a normal cat:











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In a heartwarming video, a cat comforts a cow in its final hours

Most people think that cats are not too friendly, but that’s because you haven’t met Wesley T. Monkey. Yes, that’s the name of a cat who, although mischievous, has a heart bigger than many people. Monkey was always landing into trouble and that’s how he got his unusual name.

That was when he was young – as time passed, Monkey become calmer, although he still showed his knack for trouble. His antics made him one of the favorite cats of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary located in Pennsylvania.

Wesley T. Monkey was a loved cat by both staff and animals and he knew how to give love back.

Penny the cow was Wesley’s best friend. They were spending a lot of time together which is unusual for these animals. They ate together, slept together and you could often see Wesley sleeping on the back of Penny. After a couple of years, Penny got sick. The cow had a terminal illness and was going to pass away soon as vets couldn’t do anything for her. Knowing that his friend will die soon, Wesley came to comfort the cow in her last hours. He massaged her with his paws and stayed up to the very end like a true friend.

This is just another proof that cats are not heartless animals. They can be friends with other animals just like Penny and Wesley. After Penny passed away, Wesley has made himself new friends. All the animals love him and he surely loves them back.


Meteorologist working from home is interrupted by a cat, who wins a new position

We’re all used to seeing meteorologists deliver the latest weather news from the studio. Lately, many have been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. However, no one expects a cat to deliver the weather news. Well, until now. A cat recently interrupted her owner meteorologist working from home and got a new job as a weathercat.

The fur-cast is certainly great for this feline. Named Betty, she’s the cat of NBA affiliate 14 News chief meteorologist Jeff Lyons. During the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff has been filming segments from home. Little did he know that his cute cat will be part of the setup.

After posting the video of his cat jumping in his arms, Jeff’s video went viral. Betty videobombed him once again when she was caught giving herself a bath during another video segment. As Jeff explained himself, most of the viewers are tuning in to watch the cat rather than him, but no one minds.

The only problem is that people are more interested in the cat rather than the weather. Listen to Jeff too – it may be cold out there tonight.

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People Who Own Cats Are Much Smarter Than People Who Own Dogs! What You Think

Everyone who owns a pet knows they’re a blessing. Pets have the power to cheer us up when we’re down, even though they can be a handful sometimes. Still, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, those little fluffy balls of fur radiate love and happiness. And they’re way smarter than what most people would think.

Are All Pets Smart?

Even though many people think they’re not smart, science has confirmed time and time again that both cats and dogs are far more intelligent than we think. They care about each other and their humans as well. How we choose our buddy for life, though, is a real mystery. It seems that some people like cats, while others love dogs. Sometimes, it’s even harder to pick one, and we’ve always been curious how the actual decision plays out. Some people like to have the best of both worlds, adopting a cat and dog both.

It can be quite a hectic experience, but as soon as they become friends, and it’ll happen sooner or later, you will learn to love them both.
Interestingly enough, a recent study has highlighted the differences between dog and cat people. According to Steve McKeown from the McKeown Clinic, the study was conducted on over 600 people and revealed something very interesting.

Dog people were found to be extroverts and social, while those who picked cats were introverts and more sensitive. Cat people were also found to be more neurotic, which doesn’t come as a big surprise (sorry, cat fans!).

Those who picked cats in the study were far more independent and were found to be more intelligent. These people also tend to be more educated and organized than dog people. See, team Cat? It’s not all that bad.

What If You Love Both?

What happens if you love cats and dogs both? Well, the study didn’t exactly cover this idea. Considering the findings, though, we’ll make an educated guess and identify these people as highly intelligent and social. It’s a win-win situation. Of course, it’s not a definite truth, but we’d like it to be so 😊

Nevertheless, it was a pretty interesting study and a point for team Cat.


After three long years, mom finally spots her missing cat on a local shelter’s Facebook page!

This cute cat you can see on the pics is called Jimmy, and is one of the most mischievous cats we’ve ever seen. He can often be found wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out on parked cars. Jimmy spends a few hours outside and then finds his way home – it’s a common routine for him.

In 2014, the cat went outside, but never returned. Jimmy’s family spent hours looking for the cat, but he was never to be found. Susan Zelitsky, Jimmy’s owner, was devastated to lose her 13-year old friend. She and her family posted fliers all around the neighborhood, but no one reported anything on Jimmy for months. Susan finally gave up and lost all hope that Jimmy would return.

Life without Jimmy went on for two-and-a-half years, until a local shelter posted a stray on Facebook found on the street after a blizzard. While scrolling through her timeline, Susan froze when she saw Jimmy on the pics. She immediately contacted the shelter and went to see the cat, and it was Jimmy all right! The cat recognized Susan and her neighbor and they were finally reunited after nearly three years!

Jimmy recognized the whole family and they were over the moon to find their long-lost kitty. Now aged 16, the cat still likes hanging out on parked cars around the neighborhood, but this time under the supervision of his Mom and Dad. We’re so glad Jimmy is reunited with his owners – it’s a wonderful story which shows that giving up is not an option.


A couple discovered a tiny scared kitten asking for help after hearing noise coming from a nearby dumpster

A few weeks ago, a couple from Fresno was walking back in an alley after lunch when they heard tiny noises from a nearby dumpster. The couple decided to check what was making these sounds and they were surprised to find a tiny motherless kitten who was obviously crying for love.

Jim and Jennifer Yovino were walking in an alley when a faint meowing sound caught their attention. “I stopped and listened to the faint sound and it sounded so desperate,” Jennifer Yovino says. They tracked the sound behind a locked metal gate, but still couldn’t find the kitten – it was buried deep in the trash.

Some people nearby came to help. They opened the gate with tools and Jennifer started looking for the kitten. The tiny scared kitty ran out from under the dumpster and took refuge under a moving van and then jumped into the engine. Jennifer and Jim were shocked and immediately demanded the van to stop.

The driver then opened the hood to reveal the engine and a few minutes later the kitten was out. They wrapped him in a t-shirt and held the scared kitty close. After some time, it started purring, which was a sign he was well.

Jim and Jennifer took the kitten home and named him Fulton.

They gave him a bath and kept him warm while cuddling with him for the remainder of the day. Fulton relaxed after a few hours and was looking much better.

After a few days, Jennifer brought the tiny kitten to the Cat House in Parlier, California. The cute ginger cat is not living his life surrounded by other kittens he loves cuddling and playing with.

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10 More Before and After Images of Cats Rescued From the Brink of Death!

A few months back, we posted an article which featured some before and after photos of cats who were rescued from the brink of death.

Since that post we have been on the look-out for more examples of just how much a little love and compassion can forever change the life of a kitty in need.

Consequently, we found a total of 10 more for all of you to enjoy!

Love can move mountains!












18 Fluffy Friends Who Know How to Bring a Smile to Your Face

We live in a beautifully varied world, surrounded by tons of creatures, big and small. Some we like for their cuteness, and others because of their personalities, and this is what makes the world so very interesting to live in. Having pets or even looking at pictures of adorable animals can reduce levels of stress and make us happier people.

our team found some pictures of goofy animals that are up to some hilarious antics and poses and felt it might brighten your day as it did ours.

1. “A cat and some garlic”

2. “My lizard sleeps on her own little bed.”

3. “I lost my dog for a moment — not sure how long she’s been stuck there.”
4. “When you come back with water for your 4 new ducklings — sorry 5 new ducklings.”

5. “Summit.”

6. “Why does Noodle sit like this? So pleased with herself.”

7. “This squirrel got to the feeder in the middle of a window, 8 inches off the ground. Quite the acrobat!”

8. “In-corgi-nito, vacation style”

9. “This seamless circle of cats”

10. “Yesterday I posted a picture and a kind Redditor drew a picture of it.”

11. “Please say hello to my cat.”

12. “What is he thinking about?”

13. “She is still learning how to cat.”

14. “Looks like someone in the seat in front can smell the chips.”

15. “This flowerpot is so strange.”

16. “It’s like a magic trick.”

17. “Meet Charlie.”

18. “A 4-year-old in Virginia went outside to play then came back to the front door with a new friend.”

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen an animal do? Did you manage to get it on camera?


23 Friendships That Prove Animals Have the Purest Souls

Sometimes, you find a true friend in the most unexpected places. You may not have much in common, but you are still able to form a genuine connection with them. The same is true with our furry friends, especially since loyalty is in their blood.

Team has gathered some undeniable proof that animals indeed have the purest souls.

1. “A friend of mine has a Golden Retriever that recently made a new friend.”

2. “They do make a purr-fect couple!”

3. “Nemo sniffing his sister ‘Princess Luna’”

4. Beau the German Shepherd being protective of his bestie Marley

5. “Anyone else have a weird animal BFF combination in their home?”

6. Who said a panther and a Rottweiler can’t get along?

7. “Birds are friends, not food.”

8. Their friendship has made this world a better place.

9. “We found an injured bunny and our teacup chihuahua puppy, Fang, has become her protector and BFF…”

10. Nothing to see here. Just 2 best friends being lazy together.

11. “Since our other bunny Alfie passed away, our adopted cat Nano has started grooming our, now, only rabbit Niklaus.”

12. This pup finally made her first friend.“My Bichon has never met a stranger. Miniature ponies are herding animals and do better with other ponies but will make friends with just about anything willing to give them a chance. Goats, donkeys, standard-size horses, or even my baby girl, now BFFs.”

13. Sakura the Otter and Mochi the Cat just look purr-fect together.

14. “My bunny and dog have been bonding…”

15. Italo the Bison might be blind, but he can clearly see how Helen the Cow loves him.

16. Rudy the Duck just loves to spoon Barclay.

17. “Another weird animal BFF combo. Fandango the cat and Pharaoh the leopard gecko.”

18. The look of love

19. This doggo has serious FOMO (fear of missing out).“A local farm where I live had trouble with their flock all wanting to sleep in the same house, and each night they have to go break them up. The other night they found their dog had joined in.”

20. Their friendship never gets boar-ing.“Archer the duck is never far from his bestie Elmer the pig. These 2 BFFs met at their forever home at Rancho Relaxo Animal Sanctuary.”

21. “Such a good boy”

22. They are each other’s ride-or-die.

23. “My cat and my rabbit”

Which of these best pals did you think were the oddest couple? Do you have photos of unconventional animal BFFs? Share them with us in the comments!


20+ Photos That Prove Some Animals Deserve a Certificate for Their Copycat Skills

It seems like some animals were probably human in their past lives. They share the same passions and act in the same manner as we do. And how creative they can become while copying us is far beyond words. Well, if there were some kind of higher furry education, there’s no doubt they attained an honors degree.

Team has found some of those brilliant students, and we’re sure you will recognize yourselves in many of them.

1. First day at a new job

2. Being such a drama queen

3. “A major case of the Saturday snoozers”

4. This puppy had their first birthday!

5. Being obsessed with music

6. There are 3 things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working.

7. 2 a.m. and just a little bit hungry…

8. Getting stuck in a morning traffic jam

9. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

10. Being a strict supervisor — big kitty is watching you!

11. “Tooth brushing time”

12. “Graduated puppy class, so proud!”

13. Embracing new technology

14. Going to the gym

15. “A need fur speed — have a coin?”

16. Yeah, crossing the legs makes you look thinner.

17. “Spoiling her Insta photos”

18. Dreaming big

19. “It’s time to do some laundry.”

20. “Haven’t got a thing to wear…”

21. “One last bite and I go on a diet, I swear.”

22. Feeling like a kid getting a present

Do you believe we have lots in common with our 4-pawed friends? Do you agree that some of them are way more intelligent than we think?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on quotesms ? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!