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Rare Pink Elephant Baby Spotted In South African Wildlife Park

Rare Pink Elephant Baby Spotted In South African Wildlife Park

Rare Pink Elephant Baby Spotted In South African Wildlife Park

It is believed the unique calf is around two or three weeks old at the time of filming and is definitely the smallest in the herd. It’s still unclear from the clip if the calf is a true albino or if the pink/white coloring is caused by a genetic condition called leucism.

Albinism is a disease that causes a complete lack of melanin, this includes natural pigments that give color to skin and eyes.

Because of this, true albino animals don’t only have reddish-pink skin, but they would also have very pale eyes as well (often pink or red as the blood vessels show through). Leucism causes only a partial loss of pigmentation, so it doesn’t affect the eyes.

Whether albino or leucistic, this tiny elephant has a tough road ahead of it. Animals carrying these conditions stick out of their natural habitat making them more susceptible to attack from predators.

They are often sensitive to light and may have health problems associated with genetic mutations.

Unfortunately, albino/leucistic wildlife are easy targets for natural predators as they stand out in their habitat and struggle to blend in.

However, it’s not to say that the adorable calf won’t make it through to adulthood – we’ve seen sightings of adult cougars, dolphins, and humpback whales which suggest that some all-white individuals do manage to beat the odds.

Albinism is somewhat common in Asian elephants, but there are only a handful of sightings on record when it comes to their larger African cousins.

In the Greater Kruger Park, the last known sighting dates back to 2016 when a calf, similar in age and appearance to the latest find, was spotted in the north of the reserve .

Just across the border in the country of Botswana, an albino calf was photographed by a BBC film crew in 2009. This white youngster seemed to show signs that it was aware of its increased susceptibility to the harsh African sun.

“Already the two-to-three-month-old calf seems to be walking in the shade of its mother,” Ecologist Dr Mike Chase told the BBC at the time. “I have learned that elephants are highly adaptable, intelligent and masters of survival.”

Dairy Fair Loses Out On An Overtired Young Boy And His Cow As He Sleeps And Wins The Internet

Dairy Fair Loses Out On An Overtired Young Boy And His Cow As He Sleeps And Wins The Internet

Mitchell Miner, 15-year-old man, was completely exhausted after placing 5 out of 7 contestants at the Iowa State Fair with the help of Audri, his cow.

The cow and her owner formed a great bond while preparing for the competition for few months. They decided to take a nap together, and their photo directly went viral!

Mitchell said that his cow enjoys companying him, and decided to have a nap with him. What a great relationship between these two! Watch the video below.

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An An, the oldest male panda in the world, dies at age 35

An, the oldest male panda in the world, dies at age 35

At age 35, the oldest male giant panda in the world, An An, was put down, according to the Hong Kong theme park. Being 35 years old as a panda equals 105-year-old human, which means that An An lived for so long.

Unfortunately, the Ocean Park had to euthanize An An as he stopped eating following weeks of food intake declining, which affected his health badly. It was a very hard and sad decision to make, but it had to be done, said the park!

The park also has other animals like dolphins, penguins, and walruses. It also has now Le Le and Ying Ying, 2 giant pandas, and they hope that they could give birth to panda cubs before they die. Watch the video below.

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The "Celine Dion of Cats," Carmela, Waits 463 Days for a Home

The “Celine Dion of Cats,” Carmela, Waits 463 Days for a Home

Queen Carmela is the “Celine Dion of cats,” say rescuers from North San Diego County, California. Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) shared Carmela’s story, showing how even the most amazing adult cats sometimes have a long wait in shelters to find forever homes.

When Carmela was with LYFF for 425 days, they shared a post celebrating the 5-year-old cat’s charms. By doing so, they also hoped someone would come forward to bring her home at last.

“Let’s talk about 5-year-old Carmela. This pretty girl has been with LYFF for exactly 425 days and has been patiently waiting for her furmily ever since that day last April,” they shared.

                   Carmela, the Celine Dion of Cats

Carmela is a bit of a lovable diva craving the spotlight, and she has no problem letting you know. Those familiar with tortoiseshell cats know they tend to have a unique “tortitude.” . Carmela could be a mix of a Calico, Tabby and Tortie; a stunning Torbico.

“Carmela is the Celine Dion of cats. While you can’t deny Carmela or Dion the diva title – and can’t deny Carmela’s tortitude – that exterior wraps around a sweet and loving heart. Like Celine, Carmela revels in the spotlight and wants all the attention and petting you’ll give her. She’s very much in charge, so she has no problem letting you know what she wants when she wants it. But even though she’s a bit of a boss cat, she’s a complete doll. She’ll talk to you and follow you around to make sure you know when she wants love, and she is just the biggest lap magnet! She is good with kids and is very calm. She just wants to be loved on and appreciated and celebrated!”

In a post from July 2021, the rescuers said, “Carmela’s looking for her furrever home, and for her, it’s all about ‘the power of love!’”

               Carmela Finds the Right Home At Last

By the end of the next month, one of the rescue’s volunteers had fallen for Carmela. Congratulations to this family!

“After a 463-day wait, our super sweet and sassy Queen Carmela has been adopted by one of our wonderful volunteers. 🙌 We will all miss that sassy girl and all those lap cuddles she loves so much! We wish the best for her in her new home! Happy tails, Carmela! 🤎🧡🤎🧡”

                  Carmela’s Arrival in Spring 2021

The first pictures of Carmela, the pretty tortie, were way back in the spring of 2021. Nevertheless, she was still at LYFF through the winter. It’s puzzling since she’s calm, so pretty, and good with kittens and kids. 

In the spring of 2022, Carmela the meowdel was still there.

“…Apply to adopt our meowdel Carmela! She’s beautiful inside and out and deserves a home as special as she is,” they shared in March.

By the time Carmela went home, she was a favorite for many. All were happy to see her finally have her dream come true.

“It was a great day seeing her off to her fur-ever home! She will be treated like a Queen 👑 for certain. She’s a beautiful girl who’s time finally came. Happiest of tails to you Carmela girl. ❤️” said one person.

“Thank you, fellow volunteer, for adopting The Queen! You (and she) will have a wonderful life together!” said another person.

We still have no idea why it took so long for Carmela to find a

Her story is a good reminder not to overlook adult cats. Often, they can be shy or have cattitude, but change completely when they are settled in a loving home. As Celine, the singer, says, remember that “Love comes to those who believe it, And that’s the way it is.”

Older cats can make the best companions and settle into a calm home life with ease. Thus, they are purrfect for older people or those who want a quiet companion to share their lives with. Of course, no two cats are the same! So some adult cats have the energy levels of much younger kittens. But you’re sure to find just the right match with so many cats looking for homes across the country.



This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions

Rexie is a cat which once again proves that disability is not inability. This 3-year old feline has a broken backbone and no control over his legs due to being mistreated by his previous owners. However, Rexie didn’t let the paralysis stop him. According to the cat’s owner DashaMinaeva, the kitten doesn’t even know he’s paralyzed and goes around just like any other cat.

Rexie is a pretty unique cat with an upbeat personality. “He does everything other cats do – he just can’t scratch his ears and can’t go to the toilet on his own. That’s what we’re here for,” Dasha says with a smile.

Minaeva got Rexie a custom wheelchair to help him get around the house, but it proved to be of little use. He’s already off the wheelchair as Rexie is much more comfortable walking on his two feet. Check out the handicapped cutie who doesn’t let his two legs stop him from being a normal cat:











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In a heartwarming video, a cat comforts a cow in its final hours

Most people think that cats are not too friendly, but that’s because you haven’t met Wesley T. Monkey. Yes, that’s the name of a cat who, although mischievous, has a heart bigger than many people. Monkey was always landing into trouble and that’s how he got his unusual name.

That was when he was young – as time passed, Monkey become calmer, although he still showed his knack for trouble. His antics made him one of the favorite cats of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary located in Pennsylvania.

Wesley T. Monkey was a loved cat by both staff and animals and he knew how to give love back.

Penny the cow was Wesley’s best friend. They were spending a lot of time together which is unusual for these animals. They ate together, slept together and you could often see Wesley sleeping on the back of Penny. After a couple of years, Penny got sick. The cow had a terminal illness and was going to pass away soon as vets couldn’t do anything for her. Knowing that his friend will die soon, Wesley came to comfort the cow in her last hours. He massaged her with his paws and stayed up to the very end like a true friend.

This is just another proof that cats are not heartless animals. They can be friends with other animals just like Penny and Wesley. After Penny passed away, Wesley has made himself new friends. All the animals love him and he surely loves them back.


Meteorologist working from home is interrupted by a cat, who wins a new position

We’re all used to seeing meteorologists deliver the latest weather news from the studio. Lately, many have been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. However, no one expects a cat to deliver the weather news. Well, until now. A cat recently interrupted her owner meteorologist working from home and got a new job as a weathercat.

The fur-cast is certainly great for this feline. Named Betty, she’s the cat of NBA affiliate 14 News chief meteorologist Jeff Lyons. During the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff has been filming segments from home. Little did he know that his cute cat will be part of the setup.

After posting the video of his cat jumping in his arms, Jeff’s video went viral. Betty videobombed him once again when she was caught giving herself a bath during another video segment. As Jeff explained himself, most of the viewers are tuning in to watch the cat rather than him, but no one minds.

The only problem is that people are more interested in the cat rather than the weather. Listen to Jeff too – it may be cold out there tonight.

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩 Pets

People Who Own Cats Are Much Smarter Than People Who Own Dogs! What You Think

Everyone who owns a pet knows they’re a blessing. Pets have the power to cheer us up when we’re down, even though they can be a handful sometimes. Still, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, those little fluffy balls of fur radiate love and happiness. And they’re way smarter than what most people would think.

Are All Pets Smart?

Even though many people think they’re not smart, science has confirmed time and time again that both cats and dogs are far more intelligent than we think. They care about each other and their humans as well. How we choose our buddy for life, though, is a real mystery. It seems that some people like cats, while others love dogs. Sometimes, it’s even harder to pick one, and we’ve always been curious how the actual decision plays out. Some people like to have the best of both worlds, adopting a cat and dog both.

It can be quite a hectic experience, but as soon as they become friends, and it’ll happen sooner or later, you will learn to love them both.
Interestingly enough, a recent study has highlighted the differences between dog and cat people. According to Steve McKeown from the McKeown Clinic, the study was conducted on over 600 people and revealed something very interesting.

Dog people were found to be extroverts and social, while those who picked cats were introverts and more sensitive. Cat people were also found to be more neurotic, which doesn’t come as a big surprise (sorry, cat fans!).

Those who picked cats in the study were far more independent and were found to be more intelligent. These people also tend to be more educated and organized than dog people. See, team Cat? It’s not all that bad.

What If You Love Both?

What happens if you love cats and dogs both? Well, the study didn’t exactly cover this idea. Considering the findings, though, we’ll make an educated guess and identify these people as highly intelligent and social. It’s a win-win situation. Of course, it’s not a definite truth, but we’d like it to be so 😊

Nevertheless, it was a pretty interesting study and a point for team Cat.


After three long years, mom finally spots her missing cat on a local shelter’s Facebook page!

This cute cat you can see on the pics is called Jimmy, and is one of the most mischievous cats we’ve ever seen. He can often be found wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out on parked cars. Jimmy spends a few hours outside and then finds his way home – it’s a common routine for him.

In 2014, the cat went outside, but never returned. Jimmy’s family spent hours looking for the cat, but he was never to be found. Susan Zelitsky, Jimmy’s owner, was devastated to lose her 13-year old friend. She and her family posted fliers all around the neighborhood, but no one reported anything on Jimmy for months. Susan finally gave up and lost all hope that Jimmy would return.

Life without Jimmy went on for two-and-a-half years, until a local shelter posted a stray on Facebook found on the street after a blizzard. While scrolling through her timeline, Susan froze when she saw Jimmy on the pics. She immediately contacted the shelter and went to see the cat, and it was Jimmy all right! The cat recognized Susan and her neighbor and they were finally reunited after nearly three years!

Jimmy recognized the whole family and they were over the moon to find their long-lost kitty. Now aged 16, the cat still likes hanging out on parked cars around the neighborhood, but this time under the supervision of his Mom and Dad. We’re so glad Jimmy is reunited with his owners – it’s a wonderful story which shows that giving up is not an option.


A couple discovered a tiny scared kitten asking for help after hearing noise coming from a nearby dumpster

A few weeks ago, a couple from Fresno was walking back in an alley after lunch when they heard tiny noises from a nearby dumpster. The couple decided to check what was making these sounds and they were surprised to find a tiny motherless kitten who was obviously crying for love.

Jim and Jennifer Yovino were walking in an alley when a faint meowing sound caught their attention. “I stopped and listened to the faint sound and it sounded so desperate,” Jennifer Yovino says. They tracked the sound behind a locked metal gate, but still couldn’t find the kitten – it was buried deep in the trash.

Some people nearby came to help. They opened the gate with tools and Jennifer started looking for the kitten. The tiny scared kitty ran out from under the dumpster and took refuge under a moving van and then jumped into the engine. Jennifer and Jim were shocked and immediately demanded the van to stop.

The driver then opened the hood to reveal the engine and a few minutes later the kitten was out. They wrapped him in a t-shirt and held the scared kitty close. After some time, it started purring, which was a sign he was well.

Jim and Jennifer took the kitten home and named him Fulton.

They gave him a bath and kept him warm while cuddling with him for the remainder of the day. Fulton relaxed after a few hours and was looking much better.

After a few days, Jennifer brought the tiny kitten to the Cat House in Parlier, California. The cute ginger cat is not living his life surrounded by other kittens he loves cuddling and playing with.