Hugely eyed and pawed black cat named mayor of hell town! Viral on the internet

Hugely eyed and pawed black cat named mayor of hell town! Viral on the internet

Pets go viral on the internet for either the most wholesome or the most bizarre reasons, and there are rare situations where it’s both at the same time. However, today we’d like for you to meet an adorable cat named Jinx who happened to go viral for the most bizarre and wholesome reasons.

Jinx has disproportionately large eyes and feet and has been this way ever since she was little when she stumbled into her owner’s backyard and found her forever home from that very day. However, that’s not the entire point of Jinx’s charm: the reason the unique cat went viral was because she applied to be a politician for a day (yes, seriously) or in other words, she ran for Mayor of the city Hell in Michigan.

Meet Jinx, a cat with unusually big eyes and feet

Mia, Jinx’s owner, rescued her when she was just three weeks old

Over time, the owner noticed the cat’s eyes continuing to grow and frankly enough, a lot of people on the internet were quite curious about the cat

Along with her eyes getting bigger, Jinx also developed large feet, which meant she couldn’t walk properly, however, none of that stopped Jinx

In fact, the cat recently went viral on the internet because apparently Jinx had what it takes to be a politician

Upon learning that anyone can be mayor in the town of Hell, Michigan, Mia signed Jinx up so she could be added to the lineup of participants

The funniest part in all of this was that anyone could run for the Mayor in town as there wasn’t a rule against the participant being non-human

Taking all of that into consideration, Jinx was added to the lineup and actually chosen to be the Mayor of Hell for one day!

And really, who wouldn’t want to see a cat ruling over Hell?

On the 24th of April, the whole experience of Jinx being the Mayor of Hell for a day was streamed live on Twitch

Certainly more than enough people were enjoying seeing Jinx rule over the realm (city) of Hell

And in case you are wondering… The cost to rule Hell for the day is $100 for both humans and now animals thanks to Jinx being a participant

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