Lab Is Obsessed With Water And Can’t Stop Diving

Lab is absolutely obsessed with diving to the bottom of the lake…to gather rocks to add to his collection. An undersea diving dog!! Beautiful to watch…Max holds his breath for such a long time…it’s fascinating! I’m happy he’s slimmed down and is healthy! (Perhaps getting his teeth checked regularly would be a good idea). What a fabulous story of love and joy!

Users Comments:
In Dutch dog = hond. A seal = zeehond, freely translated a seadog so that must be it, he was a seadog in a previous life and being in the water triggered memories.

He makes me smile with his feet in the air diving down. 😁

Maybe Super Maxie was a diver in his previous life. But please stop him from grabbing many rocks and stones with his teeth,it is not good for it. Such a lovely and cute dog.

Labs are water dogs, bred to jump into water and fetch birds from a bird shoot . . .he’s one happy dog, jumping into the water and fetching things

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