Left alone in the streets, a sick and blind kitten cries out for assistance

We’ve all seen abandoned kittens left to fend for themselves on the streets. Unfortunately, it’s becoming an all too common sight. Recently, a couple from Bulgaria, Stoyan and Desi, found a tiny abandoned kitten nearby their home. The poor thing was blind and sick and was crying for someone to help it.

Stoyan and Desi care for the stray cats in their neighborhood. Their dream is to open a shelter for strays. Everything they provide for the strays right now comes out of their own pockets and from donations to their Youtube channel.

The tiny kitten was probably abandoned in a crack under the entrance to an old apartment close to Stoyan and Desi’s home. It was crying for days, yet no one stopped to help it. With the help of Desi and Stoyan, the kitten was taken to a vet. During the trip, it fell asleep in the warmth of Desi’s hands.

Take a look at the video the couple took of the kitten:

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