Mother Cat Begs To Return Outside After The Rest Of Her Kittens!

Mother Cat Begs To Return Outside After The Rest Of Her Kittens!

A Port Coquitlam resident saw a mother and two kittens coming out of a carport. The kind Samaritan chose to take the small family inside, but the mother pleaded to be let to leave again.

The feline knew exactly why she wanted to leave! Once she was outside, she immediately returned to the carport and brought out five additional kittens one at a time.

The woman turned to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association for assistance, and they gratefully accepted the large family into a foster home. One of the kittens’ foster parents noted that it was walking oddly.

“Unfortunately, one of the tiny guys is missing his foot and has a severely wounded hind leg,” He has a long-standing infection in the wound, but with moderate care, he should be able to lead a normal life. According to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

The cat mother and her adorable kittens are now cuddled up in a warm and secure home.

Just a few weeks later… “Scurvy kittens! They are currently 8 weeks old, yet they still enjoy cuddling together in the same bed, which is very cute!

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