Before And After Pics Of Happy Rescued Cats

Cats and kittens are very mischievous creatures. They are also sweet and chock-full of cuddles and purrs to give. When you adopting or even rescue a cat in need, then it’s a true win-win!

Rescuing, adopting and even fostering a cat in need is good for you and it also positively changes the entire world of that one cat. There are literally millions of cats out there in the world that are in need of a good home.

The cats in the video clip just below are prime examples of how much people can not only save a kitty’s life but also give him or her a brand new lease on life!


Man Who Once Hated Cats, But Then, One Day

We completely believe that people who “hate” cats, either never got to know them or never met the “right one”.

And that’s precisely what happened to this man.

                               This is Shiro the kitten!

Shiro was adopted by a man who struggles with PTSD, who oddly enough, “hated” cats at one time.

“Little know fact is I hated cats. I used to get attacked by them as a kid and I was extremely allergic,” the man shared on imgur.
“Months prior to Shiro, I was told I had PTSD from working as a paramedic/Firefighter after only 3 years. I couldn’t sleep without nightmares. I couldn’t drive down the road without seeing something horrific that wasn’t real. Me being the young adult I am, I turned to drinking and ruining relationships to cope with my mental turmoil.”


“Then the weekend of Halloween came, I was drunk, and my friends and I were laying around the floor, talking about life when I was asked “hey my friend has kittens, they’re free! You should take one!” My drunk self heard ‘free’ and agreed to take one! I mean he is cute as sh*t and has a gray mohawk!”

“Woke up to text messages asking where I wanted to meet to pick up this cat. I was utterly confused but met the person and they put 8-week old Shiro in my arms, told me that he was a boy and he just ate, and then left. That’s when it hit hungover me I have a kitten, this life is my responsibility now.”

“I brought him into Petsmart, and he sat perched on my shoulder as I had an employee help me find everything I needed to raise an 8-week old cat, mind you I hated cats. I had no clue what to do, so I told her to buy everything he needs and then some. I brought him home, set up his own little room and everything google told me to do, and we just sat on opposites ends staring at each other until I decided to take a nap.”

“I woke up to him curled around my neck, but no allergic reaction by me? So I let him sleep with me, and I taught him basic commands. I watch him learn about the world every day.”

                            This is Shiro at 7 months!

“I never understood how much you can love such a small furry fuzzball of a life until I had one. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have him in my life, I’m not sure I would even be standing here.”

“If you know anyone struggling with PTSD, or even depression console them, PTSD is a very real thing and it affects more than just our soldiers. If you know someone in public safety/military, tell them how much they mean to you.”

“My family finds it hilarious I have a cat now since I never liked them before.”

Cats truly have a way of saving us from our own darkness, don’t they?






Rescued Rats Help Take Care Of Orphaned Kittens At This Beautiful

Usually, cats and rats are believed to be enemies, however, the little kittens and their rat friends in this story seem to have missed the memo. Emile and Remy are the names of the two resident rats at Brooklyn Cat Cafe, which is an establishment in New York run by Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC).

The café helps out adoptable kittens and cats from BBAWC and other various local rescues. And just recently, they have got quite a lot of attention – precisely because of their rat staff.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe went ahead and shared an Instagram video featuring two baby kittens – and a young rat … who was giving them a thorough bath!

The primary idea may seem odd at first – why put rats and kittens together? However, as it turned out, there is a very good reason for doing so. The entire story of kitten-rat relations at the organization began two years ago with the rescue of Ebony, an orphaned four-week-old kitten who tested positive for feline leukemia.

The baby was not able to spend time with other cats because they would become infected as well, but she needed companionship. The staff did something really out of the norm then – they found a white rat who needed a new home and adopted him – which would soon end up proving to be the beginning of a sweet friendship.

“Ofcourse we named him Ivory,” Anne Levin, BBAWC who is the executive director, explained HuffPost.

“He and Ebony became great friends and would cuddle and romp in their crate.” Unfortunately, Ebony died when she was only four months old – but the idea of kittens and rats being pals remained.

Ivory went ahead and befriended many a kitten and was a great companion for his whole life. Back in February 2017, already an elderly rat, he was euthanized after a long time of monitoring his body while his health was declining.

Since that time, the organization has adopted Emile and Remy from a rescue group Helping All Little Things. The rats’ terrific mission is simply to spend time with kittens younger than eight weeks who have to be separated from other cats until the time of their vaccinations. If the kittens are not orphaned and the mother is still present, the rats are allowed to play with the babies only under close supervision. Needless to say, they are absolute professionals at this task!

The rats also play an important role in keeping orphaned kittens clean.

“I know the rats we have often groom themselves and each other and it seems to be both a self-comfort and a friendship connection,” Levin stated.

Once again, when looked at a bit closer, rats prove to be very, very far from the way so many people’s imagine them to be.

“People don’t realize how smart and sweet [rats] are,” Levin stated to HuffPost. “Emile rollson his back and I can tickle his tummy. They make a purring/clicking sound when I rub their face and nose and they love to cuddle and know when it’s evening time and they get their snacks and cuddles.”



Rescued Cat Comforts Victims Of Fire At Apartment Tower in West London!

WEST LONDON – A cat that was successfully rescued from the blaze in West London is now being hailed as a hero and has been dubbed the ‘Grenfell Tower cat’.

Paucho, who is a grey-and-white pedigree, is currently being looked after in a nearby church.

It is believed the kitty was somehow separated from his owners.

Many people on the scene were seen hugging Paucho for comfort.

Esther Watts, who is 50, stated to The Guardian that she was was at her home in an adjacent block of flats, Hurstway Walk, when she was woken in the early hours by her dog who was barking loudly and someone banging on her door.

When she opened up the door, there was a policeman saying: “Get out now, go now, there’s a fire.”

She collected her dog and sent her 12-year-old son ahead of her as she quickly got dressed.

She was forced to leave her three cats behind and it is not yet clear if they survived

She concluded: “I hope they’re still there”.


Man Who Lives With 300 Rescued Cats Transformed His Home Into Wonderful Cat Land

Chris Arsenault decide to turn his home into a heaven for cats as a way to cope with the death of his son who died in a motorcycle accident.

Today, the Happy Cat Sanctuary holds more than 300 cats, each with a different story.

Some of the kitties came from the street, while others were abused and a large number of them from a neighbor’s home who passed away.

“The Cat Man,” as Arsenault is referred to, relies on donations and the help of the volunteers he has to keep his property running.

With only a $1,000 a week feeding cost, every bit helps.


8 Month Old Rescue Cat Takes On Nursing 8 Kittens! What A Terrific

Here’s a heartwarming clip of an 8 months old rescue cat and her litter of eight kittens. This gorgeous gray mama cat, who could still be considered a kitten herself, was found outdoors with her litter of eight kittens and was struggling to take care of them alone.

She was quickly accepted in by someone who helped her raise her newborn family, a total of seven calico girls and a black and white boy.

With loads of care from their foster parent and their adoring mother, every one of the kittens have survived. What an amazing mom she is, but don’t forget, ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER!

Care Cats🐱

Cat Arrives At Family’s Doorstep Meowing In Pain And Then

A couple ended up taking in a stray cat and then nursed it back to health after they found it on the doorstep of their home.

This all took place back in February the cat began meowing loudly in the front yard. His left kind leg was injured and the couple decided to take him to the vet.

After a full examination and x-rays, it was revealed the kitty didn’t have any bone damage and his badly infected wound was likely the result of being bitten by another cat.

The vet also determined the cat also had some older wounds on the left side of his body which included a bone fracture in his left front leg that likely occurred weeks earlier.

The stray was given a treatment of antibiotics and given some medication for internal and external parasites because there were lots of fleas and ticks on him.

Just days later, the kitty was brought back to the couple’s home from the clinic and continued to receive antibiotics along with intramuscular injections twice a day for a week.

Initially the cat was completely unable to put any weight on his left rear leg but with some intense care and attention including clearing the wound with antiseptic several times a day, it started to heal.

By the spring, the cat was completely ready to go back outdoors where the friendly feline now lives with other cats having been nursed back to health.

Care Cats🐱

Brave Homeless Kitten Stops Couple and Politely Asks If She Can

This lost homeless kitten was walking around a dirt road all alone and her mama was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, though, the kitten spotted a couple walking toward her and knew exactly what to do: beg the pair to take her home!

As Imgur user abbiabbiabbiabbi went on to explain, they thought the we one would try to run away when they got close. However, the homeless kitten must have known they were safe because she let them pick her right up!

They took the kitten home and proceeded to give her a warm bath and some much-needed food.

As all cat lovers know – sometimes you adopt a cat but other times, they adopt you!

She had a lip and gum injury that looked like road rash, however, it was said that she will recover just fine. The couple decided to name her Tiger Lily and say that she is going to be safe and content from now on!

What a heart-warming story!



Kitten Who Was Rescued By Firefighter Now Has The Best

This is Flame and Flame is a very good cat.

Just about two years ago, Flame was weak, starving hungry, and completely bedraggled.

He managed to just wander into Belmont Fire Department in Greenville, South Carolina, searching for food, where, thankfully, he found Jordan Lide, a fireman who decided to take in the kitten.

Jordan gave Flame some fried chicken and nursed him back to health.

In the end, Flame landed himself a permanent position at the station, working as a therapy cat to help soothe stressed out firemen when they’re taking breaks.

   ‘We get strays coming around, but most of the time they run off when they see us,’ stated Jordan.

Jordan rescued Flame when he came into the station looking for food. 

‘We were decompressing in the evening when we heard a meow.

‘I looked out into the grass and Flame was there. He was really young and skinny and looked like he had barely eaten.


                             ‘He was timid and scared so I spent time trying to gain his trust.
                              After plenty of care and food, Flame has been nursed back to health. 

‘He looked as though he hadn’t eaten so we raided the kitchen and found some fried chicken. He instantly ate every little piece.

            ‘The next morning we came out and he was still there. He was there every day after that.’

                                            Flame now works as a therapy cat at the station.

Flame now spends his days wearing his fireman uniform, helping out the team when they need some cuddles, and keeping a close eye on the station.

He is said to be doing a great job.

‘Flame is the most relaxed cat ever,’ states Jordan. ‘He gravitates towards the guys.

When we go out he is right there in the bay, waiting. He helps everyone de-stress.

                                                          He’s doing a great job. 

“We get back and sit down to catch our breath and he comes and before you know it you are petting him and holding him and playing with him”

‘We are working long, stressful shifts and it is nice to take your mind off things.”

What an amazing kitty!



Presenting: The Kittens Who Live Under a Concrete Slab!

It’s always nice to hear that there are people out there that go out of their way to help out the stray kitties they come across on the streets, even the furries that are weary of human company and run for cover when approached.

Robin Seplut is just one of these people. He is a kind-hearted gentleman who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties.

Robin stated: “Hello dear friends! Today I found cute kittens who live under a concrete slab! Kittens live under the concrete slab because there is a lot of danger on the street.

In this video you will hear the barking of dogs and therefore the kittens are hiding under the concrete slab! The kittens are very cute and they trust me on the first day I met them!”

                                                                 Enjoy the clip!