A Mother Lynx Cat and her young pups hang out on highway while crossing

ALASKA – An amateur photographer was taken by surprise on Monday when a mother lynx and her young pups emerged from the bushes to simply “hang out” on the Haines Highway.

On March 7 at 2:30 pm, Melody Anne McKenzie was able to capture the lynx in pictures near Dezadeash Lake on the Haines Highway, south of the Haines Junction in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

McKenzie enjoys taking pictures. She sent an email to Alaska Dispatch News stating, “My husband and I are retired and we like to go drives to discover opportunities to shoot pictures of wildlife.

Earlier last week, McKenzie and her husband Stan McKenzie told the CBC that Stan had initially noticed one lynx before the others started to appear.

When everything was said and done, she told the CBC, “There were all the kittens and the mama and they just came onto the road as I was standing behind the truck.”

The animals didn’t appear to be in the least bit scared of her.

She told the CBC that after a while, some traffic passed by, and they fled into the woods.

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Doctor Cat! When the cat bites the owner's toes, it prevents a fatal seizure

Doctor Cat! When the cat bites the owner’s toes, it prevents a fatal seizure

Blake, a black kitten Glen Schallman had adopted from the Humane Society of North Texas in January, had caught his attention right away.

The Huffington Post quoted Schallman as saying, “This little guy and I bonded.” He was meowing, like, “Gain me out of here,” to get the [shelter worker’s] attention.

Doctor Cat! When the cat bites the owner's toes, it prevents a fatal seizure

There was something that Schallman, who occasionally has seizures, completely missed. And just a few days after Schallman adopted him, Blake would save his life!

Since I was around five years old, I’ve suffered seizures, Schallman claimed. He acknowledges that when he had seizures while sleeping, they caused his respiration to abruptly halt. He’s previously choked awake and worries that one day he won’t be able to wake up at all.

Few days after taking in Blake, Schallman experienced a seizure while she was resting. Blake began gnawing at his toes when he was awake and more aware of his surroundings.

Schallman acknowledged that the cat, not the dog, woke him up.

Schallman admitted, “I probably wouldn’t have woken up.

Doctor Cat! When the cat bites the owner's toes, it prevents a fatal seizure

Although some people would be inclined to dismiss Blake’s toe-bite as a typical cute cat antics, Blake had already shown that he was particularly sensitive to Blake’s illness before this happened.

Blake would begin patting Schallman on the arm after a few milder seizures, according to Schallman, and would appear to ask, “Are you OK?”

The fact that Schallman is ill has been known to cats before Blake.

He adopted a second black cat about 14 years ago, which he named Boo Boo Kitty. Similar to Blake, Boo Boo showed an extraordinary ability to anticipate Schallman’s impending seizure immediately after he acquired her.

Pick up a black cat when you see one and you’ll be lucky all your days!

All images are Glen Schallman’s property.

The 21 Most Popular Cats in World Who rules on the Internet with their Memorable Markings

The 21 Most Popular Cats in World Who rules on the Internet with their Memorable Markings

There is no denying that cats are in charge of the internet. These days, it’s impossible to even access the internet without being bombarded with adorable cat images and hilarious cat movies!

Cats are essentially cats, unlike dogs whose shapes and sizes vary quite a bit between breeds. However, occasionally, the genes that determine a cat’s fur pattern and colour produce mutations that are both lovely and distinctive. And also enduring.

These cats are well-known online and have some of the most unusual fur patterns and markings we’ve ever seen.

(1) Pudge, The Girl With A Moustache

(2) Draven The Therapy Cat

(3) Street Cat Bob

(4) City, The Very Long Kitty

(5) The Blind Cat : Oskar

(6) The Hipster Cat : Hamilton

(7) The Friendliest Cat With Heterochromia : Fukumaru

(8) The Omg Cat : Banye

(9) The Holder Of Guinness World Record For Longest Cat Hair : Colonel Meow

(10) Nala, The Shocked Cat

(11) Hitler Kitler : Snowball The Cat That Looks Like Hitler

(12) The Rescued Vampire Cat : Lazarus

(13) The Cutest Cat Ever : Snoopy

(14) The Happiest And Sleepiest Cat Ever : Shironeko

(15) The World’s Angriest Cat : Garfi

(16) Grumpy Cat

(17) Master Of Boxes : Maru

(18) The Two-faced Kitten : Venus 

(19) The Blind Hiking Cat : Honey Bee

(20) Cole And Marmalade Cats : 

(21) Monty The Cat : 


Blind Toby Cat !! Who inspires the Senior citizens to get out of bed by becoming the Therapy Animal

Blind Toby Cat !! Who inspires the Senior citizens to get out of bed by becoming the Therapy Animal

The cat with the black and silver stripes prowled around, rubbing against chair legs and shoes. He came to a complete stop, turning his head to take in every new sound.

Blind Toby Cat !! Who inspires the Senior citizens to get out of bed by becoming the Therapy Animal

Paper was wadded and thrown to the ground by business owner Charlene Hayes. All the residents grinned and laughed as Toby thrust his paws forward and kicked it around. Some even reached down to stroke his fur as he scurried under their chairs.

“Cats. They’re simply so brilliant,” Fred Heinzel, who frequently stops by Charles House, remarked. Ben and Jerry, his two black cats, enjoy chasing one another around the house. When Toby visits the Charles House, it’s pleasant, he stated.

As a companion for elderly people suffering from dementia and other medical conditions, the cat, who is now 10 months old, has found a forever home and a burgeoning career. He frequently visits Charles House and other senior living facilities on his “play dates.”

Carla Shuford, a close friend of the family, described Toby as “inquisitive and loving.” It’s the ideal set-up for a therapeutic cat.

When Shuford discovered that the cat, who was only 12 weeks old at the time, was up for adoption via the Independent Animal Rescue organisation, she immediately contacted Charlene Hayes, a therapy-dog foster parent and former employee of an animal clinic.

Blind Toby Cat !! Who inspires the Senior citizens to get out of bed by becoming the Therapy Animal

The family needed to take quick action, Hayes said. On Sunday, they had all of them loaded into a car with three cats for the 33-hour trip west to their vacation residence in Mexico after picking up Toby on Saturday. Rikki Tikki Tavi, 8, and Alli Bali G, 15, are two additional blind cats owned by Hayes.

Cats may be born blind or develop the condition as they age for a number of causes, including trauma, illness, food, and inheritance. Toby’s eyelids and lashes turned inward because his eyes were undeveloped.

He underwent surgery in December to shut them, which decreased the likelihood of discomfort and infection, according to Hayes.

She claimed that while blind cats are unaware of their blindness, Toby’s life is very average. He sits in the window, watching the birds and listening to the breeze. He plays in the flowers while using wood to sharpen his claws. She claimed that when he plays with his brothers, he particularly enjoys the game of hide-and-seek.

She claimed that they would dash into the bedroom, jump on the bed, and remain immobile. He would smell the air as soon as he entered the room and leap upon the bed, as if to say, OK, I found you. It is therefore fairly astounding what other senses emerge to compensate for the eyesight.

Blind Toby Cat !! Who inspires the Senior citizens to get out of bed by becoming the Therapy Animal

Once Toby understands the layout of a new area, she claimed, navigating it is easy. He’s developed the ability to use the stairs, back down like a toddler, jump between things, and land on the floor. Wherever she wants him to go, Hayes taps her finger. He walks outside with a leash.

“He doesn’t know any parameters while he’s running full speed,” she remarked. We’re just trying to make sure he’s going to be okay. “He could fall into the pool. He’s run into a tree.

In addition to teaching people how to “fish” for Toby by snapping ribbons in the air and dragging them down the floor, Hayes noted that noisy toys are also great. When Toby snagged his claw on, they cheered.

It’s all about providing kids with pleasure, but it’s also about giving them the chance to interact directly with the fur, she said. “If he hasn’t already made his rounds, I pick him up before we go and make sure everyone gets some fur time.”

When Toby is prepared to leave, he sits by the front door for only a 30- to 1-hour visit. According to Hayes, staff members have begun to alert them when a client is having a bad day and may require additional care. At least one resident who had been staying in bed all day had been motivated to get out more as a result of the visits, she claimed.

Having something to anticipate can make a great difference sometimes, according to Hayes.


Family Sheree Ghaffar Sad, Lost Shitzu Teddy… Help them to find

Description: Teddy is a small dog. He don’t know how to go upstairs nor come downstairs. Teddy is amazing with children he do not bite. Teddy is scared of Lloyd noise. He is scared of thunder & lightning . Please help me.
Dog size, Small (5- 10 kg)   Breed, Shu tzu  Gender of animal, Male  Health status, Healthy  Microchipped, Yes
Date Lost: SEP 21, 2022
Phone number: 9178868664
Country: United States
State/Region/Province: New York
City: Queens


Arthur the Cat, Providing Affection and Support to Emergency Room Patients in London

A very fluffy cat in London seems to have found his purr-pose in life!

This is the story of Arthur the cat who, for the record, isn’t a slapdash cat at all. He formerly has his loving ever home!
That being said, what he chooses to do in his spare “ out-of-door time ” is one of the most remarkable effects you’ll ever read about!

He simply “ shows up ” at a original sanitarium there and spends time with the cases as they’re staying to be seen by their docters.
One day in the exigency room at the Whipps Cross Hospital, the cat showed and attached himself to a couple for hours as they awaited their for medical backing.

“ We set up out latterly that the cat’s name is Arthur, although Sophie, my fiancé named him Mr Fuzzy whilst we were there, ” reddit stoner DrKrepz told Love Meow, who were the first to break this story.
“ The cat was healthy, veritably easily well fed and clean. He was so amenable and just wanted cuddles and I was further than happy to oblige. All the other cases were further than happy to have him there too, ” Sophie Ricman said.

Arthur ended up napping on Sophie’s stage for nearly the entire time she was there.
“ I was happy to stay around while I had the kitty keeping me company, ” Sophie told Love Meow.

Turns out, this squeeze
of a cat has numerous musketeers at this particular sanitarium and has spend time with numerous of the cases who have been through its doors.
Angels truly are among us. This particular angel has four legs, a tail and is relatively ethereal!

print credits Sophie Richman


Siberian Huskies Save Kitten’s Life and Now She Believes She Is A Husky

Doubtful friend frequently form under stressful circumstances. When Rosie the alley cat was saved from the thoroughfares at just three weeks old, she came the charge of a loving Siberian husky named Lilo and the bond they’ve formed is unbreakable between the brace.

Rosie the kitten, rescued at just three weeks old, was raised with the huskies and now thinks Lilo is her mother. Shhh, don’t tell Rosie she isn’t a Siberian husky. She will be devastated to hear that news. (Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)

Rosie the alley cat was saved at just three weeks old. She was abandoned, cold and hungry. Her lucky day came when she was saved and taken to live in a home beside three huge tykes .
Siberian huskies have a love- hate relationship with pussycats, some live harmoniously, some have an ingrain prey drive which they can not overcome. But this particular triad took to the indigent little Rosie and Lilo is particular decided to come a surrogate mama .

Rosie the alley cat, saved at just three weeks old, was raised with the huskies and now thinks Lilo is her mama . Shhh, do n’t tell Rosie she is n’t a Siberian husky. She’ll be devastated to hear that news.

( Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
“ Rosie climbed into Lilo’s heart as she burrowed into her thick fur, napped on her head and coiled up on her nib. The further indigent Rosie came, the further tolerant and loving Lilo came, which proved necessary in the atomic alley cat’s recovery “, says Love Meow.

Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Wannabe Siberian husky, Rosie the alley cat was saved and lives now among her husky saviors .

Now, since she was raised by huskies, Rosie completely believes she herself is a canine and is noway too far down from her stylish friend Lilo. They go far and wide together. They still play, nap, cuddle and indeed go on jaunts with their proprietor together.

While the huskies have taken to running alongside the bike, Rosie is nestled comfortably and safely in the handbasket. Although Rosie does love the two- afar diurnal walk with the huskies, matching pace is frequently a challenge for her bitsy little legs.

Photo Twitter/ Lilo the Husky) Out for a bike lift, Rosie gets to ride is the handbasket as the huskies run along side. Ca n’t leave Rosie at home, she’s a husky in her mind.

Their capers are all told on Lilo’s Twitter runner, with filmland that show Rosie and the huskies from three weeks to now full grown.

When Rosie was little and separated during rumbustious
husky playtime, it was a kind of a pitiful point to see. Lilo and Rosie would sit against both sides of the door and howl and pine for each other.

“ The two of them are thick, they sleep together at night, and Rosie imitates everything Lilo does, including sneaking canine food when we ’re not looking, ” says mortal mammy, according to White Wolf Pack.
Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Rosie and Lilo during a shopping trip to their favorite pet shop. Rosie is n’t chancing the trip as relaxing as her stylish friend Lilo, that’s for sure.

What an inspiring “ tail ” of fellowship!
( Photo Twitter/ Lilo The Husky)
Lilo the Siberian husky took over as mama to little three- week-old deliverance alley cat Rosie. The love and devotion Lilo showed Rosie saved the little alley cat’s life

A man saves a tiny calico kitten, and while in his truck, she falls asleep

A man saves a tiny calico kitten, and while in his truck, she falls asleep

An region that was totally surrounded by forests was where a young man discovered a calico kitten by the side of the road. He assumed that the mother had just abandoned the kitten or that someone had put it there. In any case, he made the choice to save the kitten and provide it with the necessary care.

The kitty even climbed up on his shoulder while he was driving after he managed to get it inside his truck. She appeared to settle in immediately as he brought it home. The important day at the vet to take care of her flea problem was the next day.

The poor kitten must have been under a lot of pressure because as soon as they returned home, the kitten quickly went ill.

Just look at these endearing picture!

A man saves a tiny calico kitten, and while in his truck, she falls asleep


Tom! a Very Special Cat who gives comfort to dying Veterans and their Families

This is Tom’s endearing tale, so read it now!

He is the one who ensures that everyone receives a lot of love rather than a lot of medication to make them feel better.


Tom was saved by palliative care coordinator Dorothy Rizzo from a nearby animal shelter a few years ago because she believed that having him about the hospital would help the doctors feel more secure, content, and comfortable in their last moments.


Tom’s presence also emits a good vibe that has a relaxing impact on these veterans.

Even when WWII veteran Edwin Gehlert took his last breaths, the orange tabby remained there. Tom had hopped onto his bed, snuggled up alongside him, and placed a fluffy orange to ensure he passed out comfortably.


Surrendered 16-year-old Senior Cat is Loved Back to Life By 18-year-old Senior Cat at Sanctuary!

This is the story of Orion, a 16-year-old cat who lost the only home he ever knew. When he arrived at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary in Fort Worth Texas, he wasn’t so confident and did nothing but hide!

He hid for almost a week!

“He lost his only home, and he’s unsure of his new one, but he sure likes to sneak up and cuddle when you’re taking a nap. Welcome home, Orion. We’re happy to have you,” Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League said.

It wasn’t too long before another of the resident cats, named Britches, came to Orion’s rescue to comfort him with cuddles and lots of purrs. Britches herself has been a resident at the sanctuary for 18 years!

Once Orion realized just how much Britches loved him, he slowly but surely began to come out of his shell and come back to life!

It wasn’t too long before Orion was back to doing what he loves to do most … giving head bonks to everyone!

And now, Orion shows his gratitude each and every day for this new and wonderful place he gets to call home!

Sometimes all we need is someone to believe is us, and love us back into the real world.