Poor Cat Left on the Side of the Road with a “Free Cat” Sign!

Recently, a Motherwell (Scotland) resident came across a cute, but unfortunate cat and immediately called the authorities. The cat was abandoned by his owners in a cardboard box with a sign saying “free cat”. Can people really get crueler than this?

The animal welfare society from the city was alerted immediately and is now trying to find more information on the cat or her previous owner. Luckily, the cat is in great hands at the moment.

She’s been put in the animal rescue center in Lanarkshire and was named Friday after the day she was found. The shelter’s manager says that Friday is probably 2 years old and is quite stunned anyone would leave him on the street. The animal rescue shelter is currently trying to find the cat a new home. If you have information about her, you can contact the Scottish SPCA animal center.

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