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17 Clumsy Pet Moments That Were Luckily Caught on Camera


17 Clumsy Pet Moments That Were Luckily Caught on Camera

Each of us has probably seen little puppies go crazy playing with a new ’toy’ they found. Even if this toy is one of your favorite boots. Or noticed a pet’s genuine interest in your new electronic device with their irrepressible desire to chew every wire. Hopefully, many owners have mastered the art of catching their pets on camera in the most hilariously awkward situations. And they keep sharing all their joy and amusement with everyone around the globe.

We at gathered some of these fabulous shots, which will surely make anyone smile and have a good laugh.

      1. Little kitten on its way to a huge catastrophe

         2. Such beauty, such grace! In just the right place!

       3. Everything is under contro-o-o-ol…

      4. Caught a few moments before a sneeze

       5. Sometimes doggies have the best profile pictures.

      6. Show us your pirate face. “Arrrrgh!”

7. Eating some delicious peanut butter right out of the jar. That’s a job for a much longer tongue.

8. Meeting new friends can also end with a great meme template.

9. “Daddy left his work boots under my doggie bed outside. He must want me to play with them.” Tasty-tasty boot.

10. “My daughter took the photo a couple of weeks ago. He’s a great cat and loved letting off steam in a fresh box!”

11. Every professional soccer player was once a clumsy amateur.

12. Now, thanks to his owners, this tiny weirdo can capture people’s hearts all around the world. Great timing!

13. Forging toward the sunset. And it’s beautiful in all aspects.

14. He really wants to be in the front seat. But safety first!

15. Catching 2 balls simultaneously is a challenge. Catching it all on camera is a gift.

16. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

17. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!..”

Do you have any pets at home? Have you ever caught them doing something bizarre and funny? Let us know in the comments below and post your own photos too. We’d be happy to see them!


Kitten Was Stuck in the Mud Before a Good Man Saved its Life

While taking a walk one day, a man passed a nearby pond and couldn’t believe what he saw. A tiny kitty was stuck in the mud unable to move, obviously frightened and struggling to find a way out. The man knew the poor kitty wasn’t going to survive, but if he went into the mud himself to get it out, he’d be stuck too.

Seeing a stick on the ground, a brilliant, yet risky idea had come to his mind. He thought that the cat would be able to climb on it and had to try it. To his surprise, the frightened kitty grabbed onto the stick and he was able to pull it out!

The rescuer then washed the kitty of the mud and gave it some food. It’s clear from the picture that the scrawny kitten appreciates the help. We’re glad that there are still people willing to help animals in need left on Earth. As it turns out, not all heroes wear capes indeed.