This dog learned to pick up plastic & Saving Environment

Hope doggo doesn’t get sick or pick up anything dangerous.
A dog saw his owner picking up trash and then went and brought him a discarded plastic bottle, earning him a treat. The next thing he knew, his dog was cleaning up the whole neighborhood.

There are different reactions of users like:

This is a really, really ter’rible idea. There’s a reason garbagemen and cleaners wear gloves. And the dog is putting the trash in its mouth. It is going to get inj’ure’, sick, or both. Train your dog NOT to do this, and pick the trash up yourself.

  • I love the idea, but I would be way too worried about my dog getting sick from something pois’onous on the plastic.
  • Amazing dog!! Hope it gives a strong message to those leaving rubbish around though because of the harm this is doing to our planet.
  • What a dog!  Thank you baby for helping to clean up the environment.

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