Touched moment when he suddenly turned and hugged the dog as a mother’s fan

Around the beginning of October, Sohu page shared a very touching story published by this same newspaper in May. The article tells about a worker’s confession, adopting a dog Tieu Dien wandering at his construction site. work. However, after completing the project, he had to rotate to another place to continue his work. And because the situation did not allow, this person could not bring the “boss”, the moment the master and servant parted made many people choke.

Specifically, Tieu Dien is a stray puppy and accidentally meets a worker. Because of his loving nature, he decided to adopt it. He and the dog get along very well, although only living in a makeshift corrugated iron house in the middle of a large construction site, the young man still tries his best to take care of Tieu Dien.

However, any fun that does not end, time has passed through nearly half a year, the boy’s work has been completed. He is about to move to another city to carry out the next project, according to the contractor’s allocation. After many days of struggle, the “lotus” decided to let the dog stay and find a suitable owner to take care of it.


His job is to move around, the place is not stable, and it’s a lot of hard work. Although in my heart I really want to take Tieu Dien along, the life of a construction worker really cannot “pass” another dog. The young man had to come up with the best plan for Tieu Dien. On the day of departure, the big “boss” seemed to realize that this might be the last time it would see its owner. The boy lazily followed the “lotus”, did not bother to eat and drink, his usual cheerful and cheerful appearance also disappeared. When Tieu Dien was entrusted by the young man to the new owner, it suddenly struggled and rushed to hug “sen”‘s leg.

The worker also couldn’t hold back his tears, burst into tears and hugged the dog. That moment made millions of hearts choke. The young man sent a message to Tieu Dien: “Be good, it’s very hard for me to stay, live well. There is a time when I will definitely come back to visit you!”

After the touching image of the two masters and servants was spread on social networks, it created a “wave” of public opinion. Everyone could not hold back their tears at the image of Tieu Dien’s teary eyes and that tormented embrace. The people expressed their sympathy to the moderator, they know how the work and life of the workers is, and the netizens also understand the guy’s decision, just hope that both “sen” and “boss” are always happy. look and don’t forget each other.


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