Trooper Saves Dog From Extreme Heat on Highway, Then Adopts Her

A hero moment from a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper turned into a new family unit, thanks to an umbrella, a kind heart, and some Little Debbie snacks.

It started June 15, when Trooper Clinton “Pumpy” Tudors was flagged down on Interstate 75 by good Samaritan Kaye Fiorello, who told him about a dog on the side of the interstate suffering from the extreme heat. Tudors investigated and found the overheated, exhausted pupper laying in the grass near the road.

“I followed [the Trooper] and we found her,” Fiorello says in her Facebook post. “Still there, panting like she was fixing to die.

“That trooper dumped his jug of Kool-Aid out and fashioned a water bowl for her. Then poured a couple bottles of water. The dog was scared of him, but frozen in weakness.”

As the stressed pup calmed down, she was finally able to take a few, small drinks of water. While she did so, Tudors returned to his car and returned with some Little Debby snacks, which he opened and gave to the panting pup. Returning to his car once more, Tudors brought back a chair and an umbrella, then proceeded to sit next to the dog, shading her with the umbrella while she drank and continued to calm down.

Once the thin, white dog had gotten comfortable with the trooper’s presence, Tudors was able to safely gather her up and take her to the Cleveland (Tennessee) Animal Control Division, where she was treated and examined. And that’s where the story jumps from “great” to “greatest.”

Once she was given a clean bill of health, the pupper was ready for adoption. And who should happen to come calling? Tudors, naturally.

“ICYMI Trooper Tudors has adopted the dog he rescued,” reads the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s June 24 Facebook post. “His family named her Princess. She is still receiving treatment at the facility until she can go to her #ForeverHome.”

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