A couple found this abandoned kitten, who was unable to meow, and helped her regain her voice

A sweet couple was strolling down the street a few weeks ago when they spotted a little kitten wandering around and seemed confused. When the kitten tried to meow but failed, they stopped to pet it and were perplexed.

The kitten was severely underweight and in need of assistance. The kitten was taken to the Friends For Life Rescue Network by Justin and Erica after they searched up neighbouring shelters. The shelter was at a loss as to what to do when Justin abandoned the cat and disappeared for a week. He later went back and informed them he could foster her.

In the interim, the kitten was taken to the doctor by Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of the Friends for Life Network, where it was discovered that it was very underweight at just one pound. She was also severely dehydrated and covered in fleas, but fortunately the veterinarian was able to heal her.

They took the kitten home and gave it the name Whisper when Justin and Erica returned. The kitten was nurtured by them, and as a result, she became stronger every day and now enjoys cuddling with her rescuers.

Whisper doesn’t respond to sounds like other kitties do, Justin and Erica noticed. They discovered she is deaf after taking her to the veterinarian. After a few weeks, her voice did return, therefore the moniker Whisper is no longer appropriate for her.


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