Cat eludes his owner’s control and the original shelter won’t return him!

Rae Bees, a Chicago-based artist, had had a difficult month. She has been battling in court for custody of her cherished cat for the past month! Reggie the cat, so named after comedian Reggie Watts, ran away from Bees’ house and returned to the animal shelter from whence he had been adopted.

Just one day before Halloween, Bees’ cat broke out of her house, and she instantly posted a meme on Facebook asking for assistance. Reggie here, and I’m lost (again). I’m not wearing a collar. I might have been kidnapped. I’ll get away once more, the cat’s image declared.

The cat was recognised on Chicago’s streets shortly after that. Someone called Feline Friends, the group from which Reggie was adopted, after scanning her microchip. Reggie was given back to the shelter, and after looking Rae Bees up on Facebook, they made the decision to keep the cat.

Reggie was adopted by Bees five years ago, and as part of the adoption agreement, she agreed not to allow her cat outside. Reggie was frequently featured in photos posted on Bees’ Facebook site, and there were previously previous posts appealing for assistance in locating the missing cat.

In defence of herself, Bees claimed that although she forbids Reggie from going outside, he always has a cunning plan to get away. Reggie’s return to Bees’ house is simply forbidden by Feline Friends, and a court hearing is imminent.

The company claims that she broke the agreement, but Bees’ lawyers counter that it isn’t enforceable. According to Mariana Karampelas, one of Bees’ attorneys, “It’s not an enforceable contract,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

Bees is permitted to see Reggie for one hour per week until the matter is resolved, and she is determined to win the custody dispute for her cherished cat.

“I believe that [Feline Friends] believed I was a simple art student and would abandon him like I didn’t care. But I’m so determined to attempt to win him back. To me, he is like a family,” Bees remarked.


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