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Five Poor Kittens Abandoned in a Cardboard Box Find Forever Homes

Care Cats🐱

Five Poor Kittens Abandoned in a Cardboard Box Find Forever Homes

Some people just have no soul. We see countless stories about kittens and pups abandoned on the streets all the time and it just breaks our hearts. Recently, five kittens were found abandoned left on the streets of Oxfordshire in a cardboard box, but luckily, they found new loving homes.

The kittens were found in the box just before New Year and were brought to the Blue Cross shelter for treatment. They were suffering from ringworm and it took about 6 months to get them fully healthy. The good news is that they all recovered nicely and were put up for adoption right away.

However, it wasn’t an easy road to get there. They had to be isolated from other cats and couldn’t have gone to a foster home as ringworm infections require specific treatment. All of them were missing fur and had cracked skin, which is common for this condition. It was a heartbreaking sight but they stayed together and fought to stay alive.

Two of the kittens, Littlefoot and Spike, were adopted in pair.

The other three kittens went separate ways. While we would have loved to see them all together, we’re glad that they’re doing great in their new homes. Their story could have been very different, and we’re happy that everything turned out fine.

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Rescue Cat Becomes Nurse at Shelter Caring For Sick & Injured Animals

This is Rademenesa, a deliverance cat who lives at a sanctum in Poland and spends numerous hours keeping his vigilant eye on sick creatures company and purring them back to health.
When Rademenesa was just two months old, he was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract. He survived the fire and is now taking care of other cases.

This amazing nimble has also come the charm to the veterinarians at the sanctum.

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The cutest little face is stuck inside this log… then she asking for help

How on earth did the kitten get his head stuck in a log seems very strange to me but any how have to save.

Both have done a very fine job the chipping of wood was challenging and the person did it accurately and saved the kitten!

OMG, I was so worried that he chopped so closely to the kitten. Fortunately he was skilful and saved the kitty.

They may have saved this kitten but after the rescue it probably needed a lot of love/drink/food was this done probably not, probably left to fend for itself!!