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Mother Cat Begs To Return Outside After The Rest Of Her Kittens!

Mother Cat Begs To Return Outside After The Rest Of Her Kittens!

A Port Coquitlam resident saw a mother and two kittens coming out of a carport. The kind Samaritan chose to take the small family inside, but the mother pleaded to be let to leave again.

The feline knew exactly why she wanted to leave! Once she was outside, she immediately returned to the carport and brought out five additional kittens one at a time.

The woman turned to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association for assistance, and they gratefully accepted the large family into a foster home. One of the kittens’ foster parents noted that it was walking oddly.

“Unfortunately, one of the tiny guys is missing his foot and has a severely wounded hind leg,” He has a long-standing infection in the wound, but with moderate care, he should be able to lead a normal life. According to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

The cat mother and her adorable kittens are now cuddled up in a warm and secure home.

Just a few weeks later… “Scurvy kittens! They are currently 8 weeks old, yet they still enjoy cuddling together in the same bed, which is very cute!

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Born in China, the kitten had two faces and meowed simultaneously

Born in China, the kitten had two faces and meowed simultaneously

When his cat gave birth to a kitten with two faces, a farmer in China was astounded.

According to, which quoted the Chongqing Morning Post, the unique kitten was born on September 17 in the Longqiao township of Fenjie County, Chongqing.

According to the report, the poor, tiny animal only survived for two days before passing away on September 19 in the afternoon.

The kitten’s owner, Mr. Liu, told the reporter that the appearance of the tiny, malformed kitten had startled and delighted him, his family, and his neighbours.

On September 18, the day after the kitten was born, Mr. Liu reported that his neighbours flocked to his house to see the amazing kitty.

One of the three kittens in the litter, it was said that the cat had four eyes, two noses, and two mouths.

It was believed that the other two kittens were in good health.

According to Mr. Liu, the kitten’s mother, a three-year-old cat, gave birth to two and five healthy kittens just last year.

The kitten most likely experienced a DNA mutation during embryonic development, according to experts.

In honour of the ancient Roman gateway god Janus, who had two faces facing to the past and the future, a two-faced cat is frequently referred to as a Janus cat.

Two-faced cats sadly don’t survive very long.

Sadly, Massachusetts-born Frankenlouie, who had previously held the Guinness World Record for being the longest living Janus cat in 2012, passed away at the age of 15 in 2014.


Rare Brown Coat Cat Has Four Kittens, and a Loving Family Will Help Them Survive

Rare Brown Coat Cat Has Four Kittens, and a Loving Family Will Help Them Survive

A cat came to her foster home with her four precious kittens all born with a beautiful rare brown coat. Laura Malone

Last month, Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town (in San Jose, California), was contacted about a family of five that needed rescue. A cat mom along with her four kittens had been brought to the city shelter.

There is not much information about where they came from. “Given her weight and her friendliness, I can assume she was cared for regularly by a human, but her paw pads are dry like a cat who has spent quite a bit of time outdoors,” Laura told Love Meow.

Mini Cat Town didn’t hesitate to take the family into their care. They quickly noticed that all four kittens had beautiful chocolate or cinnamon brown fur.

Mars the cat mom and her precious kittens born with brown furLaura Malone

“We have four girls. Two appear to be solid in pattern and two have white socks and white markings on the face and chest,” Laura added.

“Noses and toe beans appear to be a pinkish brown color, which would lead me to tentatively believe that they will not darken to black like Mom, but may remain close to this color. If that is true, they’ll be extremely unique!” Laura Malone

A chocolate or cinnamon brown cat is hard to find. It appears only with a genetic mutation of the black color gene. “They are pretty rare, especially in shelter or rescue cats.”

The cat mom, Mars, is a gorgeous kitty wearing a beautiful long-haired black coat. Upon arrival, she was a bit unsure about the new surroundings, but things quickly changed when she realized that her kittens were safe.Mars and TwixLaura Malone

“The first night, she was growling so much at every noise and movement, making unwavering eye contact, and standing so defensively,” Laura shared with Love Meow.

“After a little while, I realized she was just being vocal by letting me know she was scared and feeling protective of her kittens, but she herself wanted human interaction and pets.”Laura Malone

Momma Mars eventually eased up to her foster family and allowed them to help her with her demanding babies (Hershey, Reese’s or Reese, Twix, and Baby Ruth). She started making biscuits (kneading) while standing and greeting her people.

“It is the cutest thing — she looks like she is prancing.”Laura Malone

The kittens are healthy, happy and chonky thanks to Momma Mars’ undivided attention and unconditional love. They are figuring out their legs and getting more playful and adventurous each day.

“Hershey has a big old round head. Baby Ruth is the smallest and has a narrower face and more almond shaped eyes. Twix has a little white chin. Reese has a white spot near her nose and is so far the most outgoing of the kittens – always the first to venture to the open door.”Laura Malone

Mars has blossomed into a love-bug. She’s very affectionate and full of personality.

“When she first arrived, I made it a habit to always say, ‘hello Mama,’ when I opened the door. I wanted her to get used to the sound of my voice,” Laura sharedMars and her adorable kittensLaura Malone

“Now when I enter the room, her head pops up out of the carrier and she comes running out to greet me! And then she follows me around and rubs my legs while I prepare her food.”

“I can tell Mars is the kind of Mom who wishes her babies would always stay little, but these kittens are starting to be on the go!”Laura Malone

The kittens are thriving in foster care and their beautiful chocolate brown coat seems to stay. They are getting bigger, stronger and more rambunctious as they are entering the teenage phase.Laura Malone

The feline sisters are spending more time outside the comfort of their nest, playing and wrestling with each other. Mama Mars is always nearby watching over them every step of the way.Laura Malone

The attentive mom comes running whenever she hears a baby cry and grooms them on their face, showering them with love.Laura Malone

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A Snaggletooth One-Eyed Cutie Cat with One Eye Is Still Beautiful and Will Melt Your Heart!

A Snaggletooth One-Eyed Cutie Cat with One Eye Is Still Beautiful and Will Melt Your Heart!

Willie the cat is simply a fluffy kitty that looks quite a bit different than his peers, but is still adorable and ever-so-sweet!

“I’ve had Willie for 4 years now and he’s the love of my life,” Kristen stated.

Kristen adopted him when he was a mere wee one of a kitten.

“He has been deformed since birth, but thankfully is in perfect health!” Kristen went on to say. “From the day I first saw him we have been inseparable. Everyone said he wouldn’t make it when he was born because he really did look rough, but I knew he would,”

He was born with just one eye and a bit of a crooked jaw, with results in his cute, little snaggletooth.

“He’s just a big ole sweet baby that sleeps in my arms every night. He’s super sweet and definitely a mama’s boy,” concluded.



A kitten Climbs a kennel door now has access to other cats and a kind person who will help him live a full life

A kitten Climbs a kennel door now has access to other cats and a kind person who will help him live a full life

A kitten who climbed a kennel door at the shelter, now has other cats and a kind person to help him live a full life.

Indy the kitten

A 10-week-old kitten was brought into a shelter with injuries to his hindquarters. He was just skin and bones and desperately needed rescue. The kitten (named Indy Scoots) required much more care than the shelter could provide.

Michelle Fournier who fosters for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Florida, came across a plea for help from the shelter, and wanted to give the little guy a fighting chance.

“I felt in my heart that I needed to take Indy. I had never cared for a paralyzed kitten before, but I knew I could do it and that it would work out,” Michelle shared with Love Meow.He climbed the kennel door and was ready to go home

She contacted her rescue right away. While the medical records were being reviewed, the day ended and the shelter closed for the night. Michelle could barely sleep that night thinking about Indy.

“When morning came, I picked up my phone and was surprised to find a picture of Indy clinging to the bars. The people at the shelter absolutely loved him. I’m sure it is because of them that he made it through the night.”Indy was picked up from the shelter by Michelle

Little Indy managed to climb up the kennel door with his front legs and sheer will to live. He was determined to go home that day.

“I assured my rescue that if (I was) granted the okay to take Indy, no matter if he never walks, and no matter if he will forever need help, that I would personally make sure that he would be cared for.”Indy was so happy to be cuddled and safe

Michelle picked up Indy from the shelter that day. He snuggled right up to her knowing that he was safe.

Indy came with a host of health issues and was placed on several medications. Through painstaking care, he recovered from his stomach troubles, his wounds began to heal, and his body started to fill out.

Indy may never be able to walk with his hind legs, but that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He scoots around the house with so much vigor and speed, and can climb anything he lays his paws on.

“Indy can scoot really fast which is where his full name, Indy Scoots, originated from.” Indy became stronger each day. His feline friends cheered him on as he exercised his hind legs

The kitten has been introduced to several cats in the house, and they have all taken a liking to their little scooter friend.

Flash the cat adores Indy and showers him with licks and cuddles. He’s taken the role of big brother and keeps the kitten company whenever he needs a buddy. Flash the cat adores Indy

“Indy absolutely loves to play with all his kitty friends. He will wrestle with any cat who wants to play,” Michelle added.

“He loves to hang out in the tunnels, and scoots around with the spring toys in his mouth. Indy is just over five and a half months old now and weighs seven and a half pounds.”

As a major love-bug, Indy seizes every opportunity to be doted on by his people.

“He still cannot walk but he is getting stronger every day. He needs help going to the bathroom, but he never puts up a fuss.”

“He is easygoing and sweet, and we love him dearly. We hope that Indy will show others that paralyzed kitties can live a full, happy life.”

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Woman gives up her job and travels the world by boat with her rescued cat

Woman gives up her job and travels the world by boat with her rescued cat

Captain Liz Clark and her kitty cat are having an absolute whale of a time literally sailing around the world.

 They are living their best lives CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/CAPTAINLIZCLARK

The captain and her first mate, whose name is Amelia, live on a 40-foot long boat called Swell.

Clark told BuzzFeed that she adopted Amelia when she was only six months old and is now giving her the adventure of her nine lives.

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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

She stated: “She has adapted to living surrounded by water. She’s learned to trust that she will be safe with me.”

Liz Clark, originally hailing from San Diego, and now from The Ocean, told the website she had been dreaming of sailing around the world since she was just a child.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

She worked on her boat – which was built in the 1960s – for two years to make it seaworthy and then set off on the open seas with Amelia for company.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

Setting sail back in 2006 from California, Amelia has now traveled along the western coast of Mexico and Central America, as well as through the South Pacific.

Captain Clark has now logged an astonishing 18,000 nautical miles.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

She went on to say: “I sleep on a pool mat under the stars, but I feel rich when I look up at that night sky and breathe the fresh ocean air and leap into the sea each morning.”

Clark said Amelia particularly enjoys fishing from the boat.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

“On calm nights, she fishes off of a soft top surfboard attached to the side of Swell with a small light that attracts fish,” the captain added.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

Amelia, in her spare time, also enjoys hiking and exploring new places.

She has adapted quite well to the life of a travelling cat.


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A post shared by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark)

Liz Clark stated: “She has to go out of a cat comfort zone often.

“But I think she now understands that I will keep her safe and she will have a lot of fun in the end. She makes Swell feel much more like a home.”








Rescued by a homeless woman, the abandoned cat is given a second chance.

Rescued by a homeless woman, the abandoned cat is given a second chance.

A special cat named Enrique now has a chance at a loving home, thanks to the kindness of a homeless woman. Enrique was abandoned by his previous owners. He was left locked in the bathroom of a long-term-stay motel outside of Houston, Texas.

Luckily for this cat, a homeless woman who was staying at the hotel at the time, heard him meowing, took him out of the room he was trapped in and gave him a stuffed bear.

However, when the hotel management told the woman that she had to give up the cat or move out, she was forced to bring him to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. It was there that the woman left Enrique, his food, and his bear.

Shelter employee Tonya Prudhomme Todd said, “This wonderful lady cared very much about his well being. She provided for him even with having very little herself.”

Enrique is now available for adoption in hopes that he finds a loving home, and hopefully he can bring his bear.

The shelter’s staff is now trying to find the woman who helped Enrique. The staff would like to know if there is anything they can do for this woman, who gave so selflessly to help Enrique when she herself was down on her luck.

While the woman didn’t leave any information with the shelter which could be easily used to locate her, the staff continue to follow up on leads and are very hopeful that the woman can be recognized for her generous actions.

Check out the Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas Facebook page to learn more about Enrique and other adoptable pets that they have there.

Top 15 Rescues of the Cats ~ Check the Before & After Pics as the Impact of Rescue

Top 15 Rescues of the Cats ~ Check the Before & After Pics as the Impact of Rescue

A pet cat brings love and joy into any home that accepts them with open arms and hearts, but that love gains even more special meaning when the cat is a rescue from the streets.

Many of these adopted cats have been saved from the very brink of death. If you’re considering getting a cat, we hope that this list will convince you to to adopt and not shop.

And rescue kitties need love, too!


#2 Shelter Found A Box Of Kittens With Only One Living, A Blind Cat. 6 Months Later, She Is Healthier Than Ever

#3 Bunny Was Found Wounded After Being Electrocuted. Here He Is A Few Months Later

#4 Mr. Biscuits Tried To Get Warm In A Car Engine And Was Burned Badly When the Car Was Started and Driven

#5 Kitten Was Found Half Dead. Here She Is A Month Later

#6 Abandoned In The Gutter Just Two Weeks Old, Louie Is Now The King Of His House

#7 A Rescued Kitty Before And After

#8 Kodama, Found With A Maggot-Infested Wound. 6 Years Later, She Is Happier Than Ever

#9 Little Kitty Was Found Saturated In The Cold Rain. Now Utopia Has A Loving Home

#10 Rescued Kitty Before And After

#11 Stuart Little After He Was Found And Loved Back To Health

#12 Scout, A Scrawny, Stray Cat, A Year Later

#13 Tyrion Had An Eye Infection, But Today He Is The Cutest Fluffball Ever

#14 Spyder Was Found In A Drain By A Kind Guy Who Gave Her A Forever Home

#15 Duncan Was Found Injured In The Middle Of The Road. A Year Later He Looks Much Happier

5 Incredible Wild Cats That Few People Have Heard Of...Just Check This Out

5 Incredible Wild Cats That Few People Have Heard Of…Just Check This Out

If you ask 10 people the names of some wild cat species, you’ll likely get a list that includes lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars. And while those are all incredible felines, they just aren’t the only kitties out there.

Below are five species of wild cats you’ve likely never heard of before. Some may look more like big cats but all 5 of these shown below are about the same size as our beloved house cats.

                                                                  THE PALLAS CAT

These cats look pretty sizable in photos but they’re all fur. This kitty weighs only between 5 and 10 pounds and has the longest and densest fur of any other feline. That tonnage of fluff makes them look a much bigger and more threatening than they actually are. In reality, they weigh about the same as a standard domestic cat. The Pallas’s cat, which is native to central Asia and countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India and southern Russia, likes cold arid and rocky habitats such as found in the alpine deserts. Their thick, giant fur coat makes their cold weather habitats nice and toasty.

                                                                   THE IRIOMOTE CAT

The iriomote cat, native to and named after a small island in Japan, is also approximately the same size as a standard domestic cat. In 1994, only about 100 of these felines were still on the island, a number that experts believe has diminished over the past two decades. This cat is considered a subspecies of the leopard. They are dark brown with some dark spots and some striping, have a long body, a short tail and legs and rounded ears with a little white spot on top. The biggest threat to their continued survival, according to the International Society for Endangered Cats, is breeding with domestic cats, an possibility that they say “dilutes the genetic integrity of the species.”


And now, the jaguarundi. These small felines only weigh between 6.6 and 15 pounds and are found in Central and South America. Their fur doesn’t have distinct markings like stripes or spots at all, but instead slowly transitions between colors like black, brown, gray and rufous tones. The jaguarundi can be found in grasslands, forests, swamp, dry scrub and also the savannah woodlands. They also, differing from other wild cats as they are quite active during the day.


The margay might get the coolest strange talent award. This tiny cat — also around the same size as a domestic cat — can hang from tree branches by one hind foot, and can also rotate its hind feet 180 degrees helping the feline to run down trees (needless to say, its tail is very long). As you might imagine, with skills like those, the margay spends much of its life and times up in the trees. This cat can be found only in Central and South America. The markings of these cats are quite varied. From head to toe you’ll see stripes, spots and blotches as well as sharp variations in the color of the coat. The margay is light brown on the top and has white fur on the undersides of his chest, chin, belly and legs.

                                                                      MARBLED CAT

This tiny cat, weighing in at only 4.4 and 11 pounds, looks a bit like a small version of a clouded leopard. Much of the thick fur coat is marbled and has large, randomly shaped blotches, as well as lines down its back. This feline’s tail is very long and bushy, sometimes even longer than the body of the cat itself. When it walks, it holds the tail out into a straight line, parallel to the ground. Believed to live in forested habitat based on its feet, tail length and short limbs, the species is very reclusive and has barely been studied in the wild, with the exception of one female who was tracked in Thailand with the help of a radio collar. The species lives is native to Southeast Asia.