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Cats🐱 Dogs🐩 Pets

People Who Own Cats Are Much Smarter Than People Who Own Dogs! What You Think

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩 Pets

People Who Own Cats Are Much Smarter Than People Who Own Dogs! What You Think

Everyone who owns a pet knows they’re a blessing. Pets have the power to cheer us up when we’re down, even though they can be a handful sometimes. Still, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, those little fluffy balls of fur radiate love and happiness. And they’re way smarter than what most people would think.

Are All Pets Smart?

Even though many people think they’re not smart, science has confirmed time and time again that both cats and dogs are far more intelligent than we think. They care about each other and their humans as well. How we choose our buddy for life, though, is a real mystery. It seems that some people like cats, while others love dogs. Sometimes, it’s even harder to pick one, and we’ve always been curious how the actual decision plays out. Some people like to have the best of both worlds, adopting a cat and dog both.

It can be quite a hectic experience, but as soon as they become friends, and it’ll happen sooner or later, you will learn to love them both.
Interestingly enough, a recent study has highlighted the differences between dog and cat people. According to Steve McKeown from the McKeown Clinic, the study was conducted on over 600 people and revealed something very interesting.

Dog people were found to be extroverts and social, while those who picked cats were introverts and more sensitive. Cat people were also found to be more neurotic, which doesn’t come as a big surprise (sorry, cat fans!).

Those who picked cats in the study were far more independent and were found to be more intelligent. These people also tend to be more educated and organized than dog people. See, team Cat? It’s not all that bad.

What If You Love Both?

What happens if you love cats and dogs both? Well, the study didn’t exactly cover this idea. Considering the findings, though, we’ll make an educated guess and identify these people as highly intelligent and social. It’s a win-win situation. Of course, it’s not a definite truth, but we’d like it to be so 😊

Nevertheless, it was a pretty interesting study and a point for team Cat.

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩

While the owner is out, the cat is seen calming an anxious dog on camera

Adopting a dog that has previously been a part of a dysfunctional family is not easy at all. These dogs are often traumatized by their experience and need a lot of love and care in order to be able to function. However, if you’re set on loving them, they will love you more than anyone else.

Brenna Eckert adopted such a dog named Joulie. Joulie was suffering from anxiety and was certainly showing signs of it. When Brenna took it home, the dog was very quiet and anxious about contact, and it was absolutely very afraid of being left home alone.

But, Brenna was intent on helping Joulie overcome her fears. She believed another pet would help the dog a lot, so she got an orange tabby called Kelvin. It really worked – not soon after bringing Kelvin home, he and Joulie became best friends. Bit by bit, Joulie learned how to trust others again.

Brenna wanted to see how her pets hang out when she’s not home so she put up a camera in the room. She was surprised to see that even though it seemed like they weren’t paying attention to each other, they were snuggling all day long when she wasn’t here.


Family Sheree Ghaffar Sad, Lost Shitzu Teddy… Help them to find

Description: Teddy is a small dog. He don’t know how to go upstairs nor come downstairs. Teddy is amazing with children he do not bite. Teddy is scared of Lloyd noise. He is scared of thunder & lightning . Please help me.
Dog size, Small (5- 10 kg)   Breed, Shu tzu  Gender of animal, Male  Health status, Healthy  Microchipped, Yes
Date Lost: SEP 21, 2022
Phone number: 9178868664
Country: United States
State/Region/Province: New York
City: Queens

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩

Cat and Dog Show an Incredible Bond Built with the Warmest Cuddles


Television shows and films often depict the rivalry between cats and dogs. It’s always a hilarious addition to comedic acts, where each side attempts to prove that their species is much superior. Cats & Dogs is a famously known movie that uniquely portrayed pets. The storyline will keep you watching until the end. Will their owners notice what is happening? Who will be the victor in the ongoing war to achieve their individual goals?

Garfield is also a movie reference that shows a cat’s animosity toward dogs, but it is one-sided. But as the movie goes on, Garfield and Odie become best buds and great pets for Jon. In reality, harmony can be achieved when you live with felines and canines.

One couple, Ashley and Jason, witness the loving friendship between Sarge and Conan in their everyday life. It was a surprise to the couple when they learned how their beloved pets spend time with each other of their own free will.


“Sarge learned that if I flop in front of Conan, he might start giving me kisses,” Jason shared. The little pupper would just approach Conan and lay beside him, and Conan would give him something like a hug; it was just the most adorable sight. It became their special thing, which they do daily. They really have built an amazing bond with warm cuddles and tiny kisses. Conan is the sweetest orange tabby, and who wouldn’t want to cuddle with him?


Aside from Conan, the couple also has another cat named Eleanor. She’s a shy, timid furball, and, according to Jason, Eleanor doesn’t know how to interact with the cuddle buddies. “Unfortunately for Eleanor, it’s team brothers, and Eleanor doesn’t get in on the cuddle session very often,” Jason explained. When Sarge is asleep, Eleanor will cuddle next to him, but when the pup wakes up, she immediately moves away. There might be an awkward vibe between the two, but there is no room for hate in their family.

“I’ve seen pets cuddle up to each other, but I’ve never seen a dog flop over and beg for love from a cat like that,” says Jason. The couple also shared that there are days that Conan doesn’t feel like giving hugs. Sarge would try and ask for one, but when all else fails, he goes for a belly rub from Ashley. Clearly, Sarge is the baby in the family, knowing he can easily get what he wants.

The couple created a TikTok and Instagram account for their fur babies. You can see more cuddling sessions from Sarge and Conan, and the lovely Eleanor is also there. You’ll get more updates about their friendship — photos and videos showing that Sarge and Eleanor love each other even without daily cuddles.


This dog learned to pick up plastic & Saving Environment

Hope doggo doesn’t get sick or pick up anything dangerous.
A dog saw his owner picking up trash and then went and brought him a discarded plastic bottle, earning him a treat. The next thing he knew, his dog was cleaning up the whole neighborhood.

There are different reactions of users like:

This is a really, really ter’rible idea. There’s a reason garbagemen and cleaners wear gloves. And the dog is putting the trash in its mouth. It is going to get inj’ure’, sick, or both. Train your dog NOT to do this, and pick the trash up yourself.

  • I love the idea, but I would be way too worried about my dog getting sick from something pois’onous on the plastic.
  • Amazing dog!! Hope it gives a strong message to those leaving rubbish around though because of the harm this is doing to our planet.
  • What a dog!  Thank you baby for helping to clean up the environment.
Cats🐱 Dogs🐩

Meet D-O-G — The Amazing Cat Who Trains Service Dogs For The Disabled

It’s hard to pass through life if you don’t have a purpose. In fact, we all need some kind of direction in our lives, and this kitty learned that from a young age. D-O-G the kitten is actually working for the Support Dogs Inc. in Missouri as a trainer of dogs. How’s that for a job?

Besides taking its job seriously, D-O-G loves doing it.

The dogs are trained for special situations, and the kitty certainly tests them to the limits.

Ann Klein, CEO of Support Dogs Inc., says that everyone was surprised at how good the kitten is in training the dogs. “Our dogs need to be obedient and well-trained, and the kitty helps a lot,” she says.

Nadine Wenig, director of services says that D-O-G is fearless despite the smaller size, and doesn’t fear being around big dogs. He plays with them often, and the organization follows their behavior closely.

The kitten is mischievous and loved by everyone for his fearlessness and social nature.

The kitten deserves much respect for fulfilling his duties with care and diligence. Check out the video below to see him in action:


Trooper Saves Dog From Extreme Heat on Highway, Then Adopts Her

A hero moment from a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper turned into a new family unit, thanks to an umbrella, a kind heart, and some Little Debbie snacks.

It started June 15, when Trooper Clinton “Pumpy” Tudors was flagged down on Interstate 75 by good Samaritan Kaye Fiorello, who told him about a dog on the side of the interstate suffering from the extreme heat. Tudors investigated and found the overheated, exhausted pupper laying in the grass near the road.

“I followed [the Trooper] and we found her,” Fiorello says in her Facebook post. “Still there, panting like she was fixing to die.

“That trooper dumped his jug of Kool-Aid out and fashioned a water bowl for her. Then poured a couple bottles of water. The dog was scared of him, but frozen in weakness.”

As the stressed pup calmed down, she was finally able to take a few, small drinks of water. While she did so, Tudors returned to his car and returned with some Little Debby snacks, which he opened and gave to the panting pup. Returning to his car once more, Tudors brought back a chair and an umbrella, then proceeded to sit next to the dog, shading her with the umbrella while she drank and continued to calm down.

Once the thin, white dog had gotten comfortable with the trooper’s presence, Tudors was able to safely gather her up and take her to the Cleveland (Tennessee) Animal Control Division, where she was treated and examined. And that’s where the story jumps from “great” to “greatest.”

Once she was given a clean bill of health, the pupper was ready for adoption. And who should happen to come calling? Tudors, naturally.

“ICYMI Trooper Tudors has adopted the dog he rescued,” reads the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s June 24 Facebook post. “His family named her Princess. She is still receiving treatment at the facility until she can go to her #ForeverHome.”


Delivery Man’s heartwarming interactions with neighborhood dogs.

He had the best job, love the way that you greet every one of those animals, you have a wonderful soul.

Just love this driver and the joy and happiness he shares with these animals on his deliveries. He has to be a special person because animals are a great judge of character.

This dog have a wonderful attitude about loving all the 🐕 you meet on your deliveries the animals know how caring you are seeing them wagging their tails when you arrive have a great day.


Lab Is Obsessed With Water And Can’t Stop Diving

Lab is absolutely obsessed with diving to the bottom of the lake…to gather rocks to add to his collection. An undersea diving dog!! Beautiful to watch…Max holds his breath for such a long time…it’s fascinating! I’m happy he’s slimmed down and is healthy! (Perhaps getting his teeth checked regularly would be a good idea). What a fabulous story of love and joy!

Users Comments:
In Dutch dog = hond. A seal = zeehond, freely translated a seadog so that must be it, he was a seadog in a previous life and being in the water triggered memories.

He makes me smile with his feet in the air diving down. 😁

Maybe Super Maxie was a diver in his previous life. But please stop him from grabbing many rocks and stones with his teeth,it is not good for it. Such a lovely and cute dog.

Labs are water dogs, bred to jump into water and fetch birds from a bird shoot . . .he’s one happy dog, jumping into the water and fetching things


Bandit Saved My Life around 4 AM this Morning

Dogs are so darn smart, Bandit is one of them!
He woke me up (I don’t know how long he may have been trying to wake me) and I couldn’t get up and I was really sweaty and weak. I asked him to get my meter and he did. My blood sugar was at 30. This is very dangerous and can cause diabetic coma. If he didn’t wake me up, I may have not woken up again). I asked Bandit to get me juice so he did. Then I was able to get up to get more to eat. I love this dog!”

Bandit you are an amazing dog, a hero! Mommy is so very lucky to have you! Hope mommy is feeling better!💖💖