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Cats🐱 Rescue

Faint meows awaken a woman and her husband in the middle of the night, but they don’t own a cat!

Cats🐱 Rescue

Faint meows awaken a woman and her husband in the middle of the night, but they don’t own a cat!

Recently, a couple was left without sleep when they heard a cat meowing. They didn’t own the cat, so the noise coming from the basement was pretty strange. They immediately went down and were baffled by the sight.

There was a litter of tiny kittens in the basement – they looked only 2-3 days old and their mother was nowhere to be seen.

“Last month, my daughter woke me up after midnight saying there’s a cat inside. We didn’t believe it, but then heard the sound as well. We went in the basement and to our surprise, there were 7 kittens in there!”, Janette Miller from Indiana says.

They never owned a cat and never saw one in the neighborhood – well, except one cat a while ago. Janette and her family live in a rental house, so they’re not allowed to have pets. However, a cat obviously chose their basement as her birth spot.

Janette took the kittens to the vet the next morning, who told them they need round the clock support without their mother. Having no time to care for them, she reached to a shelter in Indiana for help.

The staff took the kittens and cared for them non-stop. After thorough investigation, Janette and her husband found a tiny hole in the wall through which the cat entered.

Back at the shelter, the kittens were doing well. “They love snuggling with each other,” Jennifer Gillispie, founder of the here kitty kitty rescue says.

The orphans are in danger of serious infections as they need their momma’s milk to develop antibodies. The vets and staff think they’ll pull through, though.

This is why neighborhood cats need to be spayed. In that case, they wouldn’t be able to leave orphans behind – this litter was fortunately found by Jannette, but others aren’t so lucky. The tiny kittens are getting all the food and care they need and had luck on their side, but if cats aren’t spayed more often, other tiny angels won’t be able to survive.


Rescued Cat Comforts Victims Of Fire At Apartment Tower in West London!

WEST LONDON – A cat that was successfully rescued from the blaze in West London is now being hailed as a hero and has been dubbed the ‘Grenfell Tower cat’.

Paucho, who is a grey-and-white pedigree, is currently being looked after in a nearby church.

It is believed the kitty was somehow separated from his owners.

Many people on the scene were seen hugging Paucho for comfort.

Esther Watts, who is 50, stated to The Guardian that she was was at her home in an adjacent block of flats, Hurstway Walk, when she was woken in the early hours by her dog who was barking loudly and someone banging on her door.

When she opened up the door, there was a policeman saying: “Get out now, go now, there’s a fire.”

She collected her dog and sent her 12-year-old son ahead of her as she quickly got dressed.

She was forced to leave her three cats behind and it is not yet clear if they survived

She concluded: “I hope they’re still there”.


This Motherless Kitty Would Have Died Alone Near A Fence, But Take A Look At Him Now!

As you probably already know, kittens need a week to ten days to open up their days after they’re born. They can’t see well for weeks afterward and that’s completely normal. At this point of their life, kittens are pretty vulnerable and need special care, but imagine if you’ve found a kitten only a few hours old. That’s exactly what one Imgur user found.

One day bmusser (e.g. the Imgur user) was leaving home from work when he heard a faint cry coming from nearby bushes. He went over the fence and found a tiny kitty with eyes closed and the umbilical cord still attached! It was obvious that his mama gave birth not minutes ago, but she was nowhere to be found.

The man wouldn’t leave the kitty like that. He took the baby home and his wife went to the pet store to get baby formula. They fed the kitten with a tiny bottle every couple of hours. It spent most of the time sleeping and they weren’t really sure if he would survive without his momma.

The next day, they took the baby to a vet and he confirmed the kitty’s not a couple of days old. His eyes and ears were closed, but his umbilical cord fell off on its own. The vet warned them that the kitty needs special care as he doesn’t have his mother with him.

Unlike other animals, kittens develop pretty fast and it wasn’t a few days later before Casper showed the first signs of growth. “He usually sleeps on our feet or shoulders,” bmusser said.

In a week, Casper’s chances were looking much better. He started eating on his own as soon as his eyes opened and just like any cat, Casper was up to usual cat stuff in a few weeks.

Now, adventures are pretty fun but also exhausting, so Casper regularly takes his naps.

He wasn’t alone on his journey – he had a buddy besides his mom and dad.

Take a look at him now – Casper has grown into a beautiful little boy who loves playing with his parents.

Two and a half months later, Casper is fully independent, although he still tries to sleep on his dad’s shoulders. Take a look at the wonderful kitty now:


Traumatized Kitty Who Lost Both Eyes Putting Her Best Paw Forward to Get on With Life

WEST VIRGINIA: Jovi was brought to a local veterinary office, by a gentleman that had found her with her eyes already ruptured, probably due to untreated infection, possibly due to trauma.

Two of the vet techs at that office offered to fund her surgery and medical care if Pet Helpers could foster little Jovi and find her an appropriate Forever Home.

“She had her surgery for bilateral enucleation (surgical removal of both eyes) October 15 and did well, coming to foster with me October 17. She was discharged with liquid pain medication and liquid oral antibiotic twice daily,” says foster mom, Mim …

“I was a little fearful of my ability to provide her with appropriate care since I have never fostered a blind animal. I’ve fostered several with medical issues including one eye, one ear, pelvic/hip surgery, severe demodex mange, gunshot wound…unfortunately the list goes on, but never a blind furbaby.”

“This little kitten has amazed me from day one! She steps slowly and deliberately, using her feet to sense her location as well as her whiskers. She uses her litterbox faithfully, is eating and drinking water like a little champion.”

“Even though she is thought to only be around 5 weeks old, she doesn’t much care for kitten milk replacer, so is eating kitten canned food as well as hard kitten food. I have her set up in a medium size wire crate with a “second floor” to give her more room.”

“I knew she wouldn’t be able to see the second floor or jump up on it to utilize her extra space, so used a corrugated scratching board as a ramp for her to use. Within 24 hours she had mastered going up the ramp. I would talk to her and walk her down the ramp and after just three times, she mastered the down maneuver as well. She now freely goes up and down the ramp with confidence. She began playing with toys two days ago, all of her toys are “noise” toys, ones with bells or jingles so she can find them.”

“Jovi has investigated her entire crate from one corner to the last on each floor. She fosters with several other canines and felines and has no fear of any of them. In fact, they all seem to sense she is a special little girl, giving her licks of love and being quite gentle with her.”

“She raises her head when she hears her name, will stand up as soon as she hears the crate being unlatched as she already understands something is going to happen. She loves to be brushed with her own purple human toothbrush; I’ve read that a toothbrush feels like a mother cat licking a kitten, tried it with Jovi and from her reaction it is a success,” said Mim during her interview with us here at The Best Cat Page.

“Her only bad habit is play biting a little bit too hard and without a momma or siblings it is up to me to change that. When it occurs, I tell her “easy” in a firm tone and withdraw my hand, then gently start petting her again after a few moments with praising words. She seems to be catching on to the word itself and action, so I have my fingers crossed that it is working.”

“Consistency is the key with a blind animal. Jovi’s litterbox, food and water bowls are always left in the same position in her crate. When she grows a bit and is allowed to be free roaming, it will be necessary to keep paths clear for her to maneuver and remember. Of course, she should never be outside unless in a harness and the outside world may prove to be overwhelming for her…only time will tell.”

“We are not sure when Jovi will be medically cleared as adoptable, but have already received several applications for her adoption. Until that time, she will foster with me. She continues to amaze me with her resilience and make me smile and laugh at her bravery and spunk. Jovi is a beautiful soul and I am privileged to be her foster mom.”

Jovi’s story and photos have touched us so deeply here at The Best Cat Page, we wanted to share her story with all of you. What a gorgeous, little angel!

She is currently under the care of Pet Helpers, Inc

If anyone has any questions about Jovi or would like to just send some love and prayers her way, send an email to


Man Battling Depression Finds New Purpose In Helping Sick Cats

This man, Bobby Knight, is a dear friend to all of the Greenville cat lawyers and he has made for himself a name nursing sick gibs and pussycats back to health. He’s from Greenville and is 55 times youthful. Back in 2009 he’d to retire due to health issues( physical.)

Within a time, he was battling depression coupled by an overwhelmed with feeling useless. That’s when a friend of his invited Bobby to tag along with her to Greenville County Animal Care( GCACS), which is well known as a high input and high kill sanctum for pussycats. In 2014,53.4 of the pussycats entering the sanctum didn’t get out alive.
After visiting the sanctum quite a many times, Bobby was eager to learn how he might be of backing the pussycats. He spoke with Susan Bufano, a awful cat advocate who’s no longer employed by GCACS, and asked what he could do to save the pussycats there.

Susan explained how short- staffed the sanctum was( and still are) on foster parents and Bobby soon learned his gift was in minding for sick pussycats and gibs. And now, he takes them home and nursers them back to health, at which time they go up for relinquishment or to a deliverance when they’re healthy enough for a ever home.

Man Battling Depression Finds New Purpose In Helping Sick pussycats

Bobby still gets overwhelmed at times, for illustration when a kitty is simply too sick to be saved. still, the joy that comes with seeing his babies getting espoused or saved puts him on top of the world again. pussycats formerly in his care have set up homes each over the United States, and Bobby gets streamlined stories, as well as prints of them, on a regular base.

Although the sanctum has come his alternate home, Bobby is like all of us and recognizes the problems harbors face. For one, there are noway enough foster parents for the number of kitties who end up in the sanctum.
People just keep coming and coming and coming with waste after waste of unwanted gibs or to drop off pussycats they no longer want occasionally with no reason.

Bobby would like Greenville to have a better TNR program to check the slapdash cat population. Greenville lately got blessing on a program called the Free roving Cat Program, and will have to report back to Greenville County Council in a time with information on whether the program is a success.
In addition to thanking the staff and levies at GCACS, Bobby also has a special communication for his former charges( the gibs) saying

“ I would like to thank the hundreds of gibs I’ve fostered for helping me to beat my depression and feeling useless. I’ve entered a lot of kitty love for the last five times. ”


A Thai Navy Officer Saves Four Kitties from Drowning

Not long ago, the Internet was overjoyed with a story about four kittens that would have drowned for sure if it wasn’t for the heroics of one man. A boat was capsized in open sea near the island of Koh Adang, trapping eight crew members and four kitties. The crew called for help but the boat was already sinking quickly.

Luckily, the Thai Navy managed to come just as the boat was already on its way down. The crew members were rescued quickly and without problems. Upon closer inspection looking for an oil spill, one office noticed four kittens on a crane-like structure, so he immediately took his shirt off, put on a vest, and swam in the waters to save the kittens.

He was able to do so just before the ship sank. If he didn’t arrive on time, it could have been a cat-astrophe. Pics of the courageous act were shared online and the office, Thatsaphon Saii, became a worldwide Internet hit.

We’re grateful that he swam to save the kitties – many others wouldn’t have done it. He risked his life to save them, and that makes him more of a man than anyone else. Check out the pics yourself and see how the kitties did later – the pics will melt your heart.

A policeman risks his life to save a puppy from a burոiոg buildiոg

We have seeո loyal police officers put their owո lives oո the liոe to save others oո several times.

These heroic meո aոd womeո, stilldo ոot just guard humaոs, but also aոimals. So, wheո it came to saviոg a helpless canine iո severe ոeed, this bobby didո ’ t vacillate to put his life oո the liոe to help the poor doggy . The iոcideոt was captured oո camera by the police officer’s associates!

The dramatic sceոario passed iո Mexico, aոd the Federal Police posted videotape oոliոe as a warոiոg to the public that these officers are always ready to defeոd everyoոe, eveո if it meaոs puttiոg their lives iո daոger.


“ We coոfroոt maոy problems iո our job, ” Mexico’s Federal Police stated oո Facebook, “ always concentrated at safeguardiոg life! ”

group of bobbies respoոdiոg to a home fire snappily discovered a alarmed canine stuck behiոd a feոce as the fire advaոced fleetly. Oոe of the bobbies hastened to the critter’s aid. The heroic police officer is showո surrouոdiոg the canine; he eventually maոages to catch the puppy dog iո his arms, aոd the two of them make it to safety.

The caninecalled Lulu, was defeոdiոg the property wheո the fire erupted, accordiոg to original media. The Federal Police have ոot handed aոy iոformatioո oո how the fire begaո or whether aոyoոe was iոjured.


Then’s where you caո see the spectacular deliverance!


Puppy Rescued from Road Gets Tiny Human Best Friend

Puppy abandoned on the road hops into this guy’s truck — and becomes best friends with his baby.

It just kinda looked like she got dumped there, I just see a dog, and she’s just kind of wandering around in circles, not knowing what to do. And then she just jumps right in the truck.
She pretty much doesn’t leave my lap the whole way home. Dropped her off at the vet the next day. They gave her all the vaccines, and everything was good. We did our best to keep her isolated for about a week.

With having a 10 month old and 6 year old dog who’s fairly set in her ways,
I wanted to be very careful.

Introducing Leila, for the most part, I was pretty much holding Maggie and we kinda let Leila walk up.

Maggie just immediately started licking Leila’s face and we went, “Ok.

This is gonna be OK.”

Leila and Maggie are pretty much best friends.

You love Maggie?

Leila will be walking with either one of her own or one of Maggie’s toys, and Maggie will follow right up to her and either just kind of either tug with her a little bit or she’ll just outright take it.

And Leila will just go, “Oh, uh, guess I’ll take this then.”

A lot of times, when Maggie is curled up on the couch,

Leila will come up on the couch and just start rolling all over, and just like, “Maggie, Maggie! I love you Maggie!

I wanna cuddle, Maggie!”

Zoey is Maggie’s best friend, but Maggie is Zoey’s acquaintance.

Hey, Mag-Mag.

Want the ball?

Go get the ball. They took to each other pretty well.

Maggie just always wants to play, and zoey just always wants to sleep, and so it’s kind of trying to find a compromise.