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People Who Own Cats Are Much Smarter Than People Who Own Dogs! What You Think

Everyone who owns a pet knows they’re a blessing. Pets have the power to cheer us up when we’re down, even though they can be a handful sometimes. Still, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, those little fluffy balls of fur radiate love and happiness. And they’re way smarter than what most people would think.

Are All Pets Smart?

Even though many people think they’re not smart, science has confirmed time and time again that both cats and dogs are far more intelligent than we think. They care about each other and their humans as well. How we choose our buddy for life, though, is a real mystery. It seems that some people like cats, while others love dogs. Sometimes, it’s even harder to pick one, and we’ve always been curious how the actual decision plays out. Some people like to have the best of both worlds, adopting a cat and dog both.

It can be quite a hectic experience, but as soon as they become friends, and it’ll happen sooner or later, you will learn to love them both.
Interestingly enough, a recent study has highlighted the differences between dog and cat people. According to Steve McKeown from the McKeown Clinic, the study was conducted on over 600 people and revealed something very interesting.

Dog people were found to be extroverts and social, while those who picked cats were introverts and more sensitive. Cat people were also found to be more neurotic, which doesn’t come as a big surprise (sorry, cat fans!).

Those who picked cats in the study were far more independent and were found to be more intelligent. These people also tend to be more educated and organized than dog people. See, team Cat? It’s not all that bad.

What If You Love Both?

What happens if you love cats and dogs both? Well, the study didn’t exactly cover this idea. Considering the findings, though, we’ll make an educated guess and identify these people as highly intelligent and social. It’s a win-win situation. Of course, it’s not a definite truth, but we’d like it to be so 😊

Nevertheless, it was a pretty interesting study and a point for team Cat.

Finally, Sick Ill and stray cat Finds Love, video of him went viral

Finally, Sick Ill and stray cat Finds Love, video of him went viral

Take a look at Iron the cat. No one wanted him his whole life until his final year. The stray cat was only noticed by the world after a video of him went viral. Iron was eventually saved from the streets by two volunteers who brought him to the vet. With a bad eye and several skin problems, it was obvious that the kitty needed help. At the same time, Iron suffered from a rare condition known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

The condition was in the chronic stages and things weren’t looking too good. But, the kitten was iron-willed. While staying at the clinic, he became the staff’s favorite pet. He wanted to be pet all the time and loved nothing more than playing with Powder, a kitten also infected with FIV.

Iron and Powder were inseparable. They went everywhere together and loved sunbathing next to one window. Over time, Iron’s condition improved, but it wasn’t enough. After a while, the cat retreated in himself and only wanted to enjoy the sun in front of the window. He spent his final days looking out, not caring for what’s happening around him. Although his life was short, Iron experienced the one thing he never did before – love.


A stray cat discovered in a dumpster has the saddest eyes you will ever see

The cat you can see in the pics is called Mami, and she probably has the most sorrowful eyes in the animal kingdom. Mami was found abandoned as a kitten in a dumpster a year ago. The woman who found her was shocked to see a perfectly healthy kitten left to his fate. The first thing she does is call a friend of her who loves cats. Sinead Schaefey agreed to take the cat in, gave it a bath, fed it, and left it to rest.

During the first few days, things were rough. The kitten was afraid and hid everywhere it could. She hissed at Sinead and she genuinely believed it would never pass that phase. Nothing worked for weeks until Sinead and her partner decided to get Mami a sibling. So, they took in an energetic kitten called Morty and the trick worked!

Unlike Mami, Morty sure showed his parents love from the first day. Mami wasn’t too fond of him in the beginning, but she warmed up to the idea of having a sibling not long after. A few weeks later and the pair was inseparable!

Morty really helped calm Mami down. It’s safe to say that he showed her how to be a cat again. He taught her how to play and meow for food when she’s hungry. Most importantly, he showed her that her new owners won’t hurt her. And, although Mami looks a bit sorrowful, she’s definitely as happy as she can be.

Sinead is always sharing her two cats playing on YouTube, and the reactions have been more than positive.


After three long years, mom finally spots her missing cat on a local shelter’s Facebook page!

This cute cat you can see on the pics is called Jimmy, and is one of the most mischievous cats we’ve ever seen. He can often be found wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out on parked cars. Jimmy spends a few hours outside and then finds his way home – it’s a common routine for him.

In 2014, the cat went outside, but never returned. Jimmy’s family spent hours looking for the cat, but he was never to be found. Susan Zelitsky, Jimmy’s owner, was devastated to lose her 13-year old friend. She and her family posted fliers all around the neighborhood, but no one reported anything on Jimmy for months. Susan finally gave up and lost all hope that Jimmy would return.

Life without Jimmy went on for two-and-a-half years, until a local shelter posted a stray on Facebook found on the street after a blizzard. While scrolling through her timeline, Susan froze when she saw Jimmy on the pics. She immediately contacted the shelter and went to see the cat, and it was Jimmy all right! The cat recognized Susan and her neighbor and they were finally reunited after nearly three years!

Jimmy recognized the whole family and they were over the moon to find their long-lost kitty. Now aged 16, the cat still likes hanging out on parked cars around the neighborhood, but this time under the supervision of his Mom and Dad. We’re so glad Jimmy is reunited with his owners – it’s a wonderful story which shows that giving up is not an option.


A Tiny Kitty Explains the Meaning of Love to a Shy Cat

In 2017, Jazmin Felder heard faint meows coming from her backyard and went to investigate. She found a cute stray cat stuck on the highest branches of a tree, scared to get down. Jazmin knew she needed immediate help and the cat was sure lucky she was there.

After taking the cat down from the tree, Jazmin thought of taking her in, but she already had 4 cats. It didn’t take more than a few hours with the cute kitten to change her mind. She named the cat Buddy and decided to keep it. She says that she was raised to help anyone in need, so she couldn’t resist giving Buddy a new chance at life.

Buddy loved his new home, but he was much shier than the other cats. He ran away when they would want to play and refused to cuddle like them. Jazmin was worried – she thought that Buddy would never be able to ‘click’ with the other cats. A few weeks later, the woman found a small kitty around her neighbor’s house. She took it in as well and named her Hannah. To her surprise, Buddy immediately bonded with the new cat in the house.

Unlike Buddy, Hannah was pretty outgoing and friendly. Over time, she helped Buddy become friendlier as well, and the pair is inseparable now. This made Jazmin happy, and now she’s happy to spend her free time with 6 great friends. All the cats share food and sleep on a pile, with Hannah and Buddy being a cute couple.

It’s just amazing to see Buddy’s transformation – from a cute shy cat to an outgoing cat who loves his new friend.


A heartbroken man discovers his best friend right outside his door!

Some time ago, a man was left with a broken heart after his long relationship ended and was in obvious need of a friend. One day, his prayers were answered – coming back home, he found a tiny kitten on his doorstep and he immediately knew he got a new pet.

“I have serious abandonment issues, and I wouldn’t leave him outside. Meet Fajita, my new cat,” the man wrote online.

A Broken Hearted Man Finds a Best Friend On His Doorstep!

Some time ago, a man was left with a broken heart after his long relationship ended and was in obvious need of a friend. One day, his prayers were answered – coming back home, he found a tiny kitten on his doorstep and he immediately knew he got a new pet.

“I have serious abandonment issues, and I wouldn’t leave him outside. Meet Fajita, my new cat,” the man wrote online.

As soon as he opened the door, little Fajita run inside as it was very hot outside. The man gave the kitty water and gave him something to eat as well. The kitten was obviously hungry and thirsty and wolfed the fajita down. That’s why he named it fajita – it was the first time the two of them shared a meal.

The next day, he decided to take the kitty to the vet. He went to the store to get a carrier, and little Fajita was patiently waiting for him home. The man says he had to earn the cat’s trust, but they bonded quickly.

The vet saw that Fajita didn’t have a microchip and that he was underweight. The cat was in a bad shape – his eyes were nearly closed due to conjunctivitis and he was suffering from a respiratory infection as well. Luckily, the therapy was pretty light – all Fajita had to take were antibiotics.

When they got back home, Fajita jumped into the man’s lap and sat there for quite a while.

Both needed each other at that time and it was great they met at the right time. “I was feeling a bit lost, but his tiny meows got me through a hard time,” the man says. This relationship was simply meant to be.


A Second Chance at Life Was Given to This Senior Feral Cat, and He Accepted It With Both Paws!

This cat was named Mr. Belvedere and was part of a cat colony. The tomcat was over 10 years old, which is pretty unusual for this type of cat. Many people have tried to take Mr. Belvedere home, but no one has succeeded. After so many years on the street, Mr. B finally took matters into his own paws.

As soon as the cat fell into a shelter trap, it realized it needed help. The cat was sick – he had a bad case of mange and his ears were full of mites. After taking him to a vet, the woman who caught Mr. B took him to a vet, where it was discovered that he was in a really bad shape. However, the woman decided to bring him home instead of euthanizing him and he’s become a total momma’s boy!

Take a look at Mr. B sad story:


Poor Cat Left on the Side of the Road with a “Free Cat” Sign!

Recently, a Motherwell (Scotland) resident came across a cute, but unfortunate cat and immediately called the authorities. The cat was abandoned by his owners in a cardboard box with a sign saying “free cat”. Can people really get crueler than this?

The animal welfare society from the city was alerted immediately and is now trying to find more information on the cat or her previous owner. Luckily, the cat is in great hands at the moment.

She’s been put in the animal rescue center in Lanarkshire and was named Friday after the day she was found. The shelter’s manager says that Friday is probably 2 years old and is quite stunned anyone would leave him on the street. The animal rescue shelter is currently trying to find the cat a new home. If you have information about her, you can contact the Scottish SPCA animal center.


Senior Cat Won’t Let Favorite Mailman Go Unless He Hugs Her

Take a look at this beauty! Bijou is a cute cat which loves spending her time watching outside the window. The elderly cat sits on the windowsill until her favorite person comes by – the mailman.

Yes, Bijou loves her mailman and always hugs him as soon as she lays eyes on him.

Dogs have been known to greet mailman or any of their favorite people, but cats? That’s one we haven’t seen by now. McEuen, the mailman, says that there are a few dogs that greet him on his route, but Bijou is the only cat that does this.

The old cat and McEuen met a few years ago when the mailman’s route changed. They ‘fell in love’ with each other as soon as they met. “The first time a saw her I knew she was old. She was very sweet every time I came by and we eventually became big friends,” he recalls.

McEuen is a substitute mailman who takes other mailman’s routes when they have days off. He has 5 routes in total, so he only meets Bijou once a week. She makes the visits count, though – she hugs the mailman and they spend some time together before he heads off.

Bijou loves the mailman’s truck as well and spends most of her time inside chilling on the passenger seat. “She became curious about the truck last year,” McEuen says. Now, she’s too comfy on the passenger seat.”

Bijou isn’t willing to let the mailman go until he gives her a few good rubs and pats on her head. She certainly enjoys the short time they spend together, and he doesn’t mind.

This friendship is truly one of a kind.

Cats🐱 Dogs🐩

While the owner is out, the cat is seen calming an anxious dog on camera

Adopting a dog that has previously been a part of a dysfunctional family is not easy at all. These dogs are often traumatized by their experience and need a lot of love and care in order to be able to function. However, if you’re set on loving them, they will love you more than anyone else.

Brenna Eckert adopted such a dog named Joulie. Joulie was suffering from anxiety and was certainly showing signs of it. When Brenna took it home, the dog was very quiet and anxious about contact, and it was absolutely very afraid of being left home alone.

But, Brenna was intent on helping Joulie overcome her fears. She believed another pet would help the dog a lot, so she got an orange tabby called Kelvin. It really worked – not soon after bringing Kelvin home, he and Joulie became best friends. Bit by bit, Joulie learned how to trust others again.

Brenna wanted to see how her pets hang out when she’s not home so she put up a camera in the room. She was surprised to see that even though it seemed like they weren’t paying attention to each other, they were snuggling all day long when she wasn’t here.