Since they adopted this cat from a shelter, it hasn’t stopped Smiling

The rest of history began when Rey first squeaked up to her future human mother.

Rey must have felt the same way because she hasn’t stopped grinning since she found home, which indicates that her soon-to-be human felt this shelter cat was just destined to be a part of her family right away and totally.

Then she continued to tell Rey’s human mother, “I wasn’t seeking for a kitten by any means (we already have two!) but just had a sense to stop by the shelter on my way home from work and discovered this little lady and was immediately enamoured with her.

“I took her home, and ever since, everything has been beautiful. She is incredibly affectionate and energetic, and her older brother and sister adore her and are always attempting to groom and play with her.

I wasn’t seeking a kitten…

but I just had a feeling I should drop by the shelter on my way home from work.”

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