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The owners of Ozzy the cat with the cross eyes wouldn’t trade him for anything

The owners of Ozzy the cat with the cross eyes wouldn't trade him for anything

Even though he has tunnel vision and a little of cross-eyedness, his humans adore him and wouldn’t exchange him for anything.

Ozzy, an eight-year-old cat, is a jovial and inquisitive creature. He was involved in an incident as a kitten that left him with crossed eyes. He’s been compared to The Jungle Book’s Bagheera, the panther.

When you look at the eyes, Ian McDougall remarked, “He looks like the panther from the Disney movie.” He was the runt of the litter, so me and Evelyn took him in.

“I believe he has tunnel vision; he can focus on a small area before moving his gaze to a larger area. When he’s chasing a fly, it’s quite funny. He is truly character-driven.

He is accustomed to living at the house, therefore his condition doesn’t hinder him there. He said, “He can run up and down the hallway. He is someone we wouldn’t trade for anything.

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