This four-year-old cat who has been perpetually surprised was not expected to survive

Kevin, a Russian blue just discovered in critical condition in a parking lot. The cat was taken urgently to the veterinarian, where the staff discovered that he was critically ill and believed he wouldn’t survive. The person who now looks for Kevin, Tailah, claims that Kevin was a helpless cat when he was taken to the veterinarian. He explains, “He would peck his meal so hard he’d basically nail his head against the floor.”

Kevin has hydrocephalus, a disorder brought on by too much fluid in the brain. Despite all odds, the cat managed to survive, but physicians were very certain that from that moment forward, he would experience seizures.

But the cat is in wonderful condition now, four years later. He doesn’t experience seizures, and he enjoys his life with his owner.

According to Tailah, he had a gut instinct that Kevin would live. The cat never left his side after they became immediately attached to one another. Now that Kevin is turning 4 years old, he is undoubtedly delighted to have Tailah at his side.

Only 4 weeks old, he was discovered in a dire circumstance in a parking lot.

He was transported to the veterinary clinic because he was different from other kittens and had a terrible medical issue.

His owner told Tailah, “His prognosis when he first arrived at the clinic was not positive at all.

He would physically smack his head on the floor while gnawing on the meal with such vigour.

“I was concerned that his vision was more worse than we first believed, yet he kept getting better!”

The main worry was that Kevin might have a seizure.

But four years later, he still hasn’t had one.

He is only allowed indoors.

Despite this, he has access to our side courtyard and a balcony with a castle and toys.

He is such a plaything!

Like any other cat, he makes laps around the house around two in the morning. He is also quite affectionate.

I had a gut instinct that he would turn out to be a miraculous kitten.

“…but I wasn’t sure if that was because I became linked to him within the first five seconds of meeting him.”

and was aware that I would be unable to let him go.

Taliah explained, “Kevin has hydrocephalus, a disorder that involves fluid on the brain.


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